Celebrating all Mother's this May.

Celebrating all Mother's this May.

"Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing".  

Ricky Lake

With Mother's day just 6 days away, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the mamas out there.

 The mamas of all babies including fur babies.  
The mamas of angel babies.
The grandmamas and great grandmamas. 
The angel mamas. 
The solo mamas.
The struggling mamas and the effortless mamas. 
We see you and we love you. 
Mother's day can be a triggering time, a time of expectations, sadness and grief.
It can also be a beautiful time to celebrate the selfless acts of service our mamas do day in and day out. 

At B ^ R E we love our mamas and over the years have learnt to love ourselves as mothers and women we are constantly becoming.

I believe the greatest gift we can give our children is TIME. 
They say giving your child your full presence and undivided attention is the best gifts you can give them, but we all know that this can only be achieved when we fill our cup first. 

B ^ R E movement was birthed after my son turned 4, I was running my busy salon, sharing my time between being a wife, a mother and business owner as well as in constant overwhelm with maintaining healthy, clean diets (for both myself and my high allergy child), a tox free home and so much more. 

After leaning into self care and discovering the practice of mindfulness and yoga, I found the joy in TIME, the peace in stillness and the sweetness in SELF LOVE as I began to set intentions as I cleanse my skin and styled my hair each day.  

And so B ^ R E products were born with the intention to help others turn daily habits into self care rituals while providing easy access in natural and organic personal care products.

Because lets face it, being a mum and a working mum at that calls for less time in the spa, so harnessing the small windows of time we have each day as we cleanse, care, cure, create and connect became my priority. 

To celebrate all that you be, for the entire month of May we are offering a FREE gift with all purchases over $100.  Not only is it Mother's day, but it's also Meditation month.  
What better way to lean into meditation than to set loving intentions as you apply your natural products and utilise that time as 'me time'. 

Our 10ml organic body oils are a beautiful invitation to turn daily habits into self care rituals as you roll it on your wrists and pulse points.  

Simply choose from the 4 scents below and add your favourite scent to your order notes to receive your FREE 10ml body oil roller.  (works well as an all natural perfume also)

B DIVINE - the oil of love

B PLAYFUL - the oil of playfulness and gratitude

B STILL - the oil of calm and stillness

B  A  GODDESS - the oil of the night and confidence

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day and most of all moments of self care to help nourish your soul. 


Annalisa Siefken
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