COVID-19 & Why Washing Your Hair Is Important Now More Than Ever.

COVID-19 & Why Washing Your Hair Is Important Now More Than Ever.

Practicing hygiene in all areas is important all of the time, but now more than ever we need to be more mindful of our hygiene practices, health and our sovereignty. 

We know the importance of washing our hands and our clothes but have you thought about wiping over your devices, keyboards, phones and metal surfaces with antibacterial wipes or sprays?   We like to make antibacterial sprays and wipes with our organic essential oils and pure alcohol along with vitamin e oil, there are a array of recipes available on line to guide you in all your DIY projects. (*click the link above for our favourite recipe.)  
It's also important to moisturise your hands during this time.  With constant washing and the use of hand sanitisers it can really dry our skin out, so before bed is a good time to later on the body oils and lotions to help nourish, support and protect your skin during this time. 

One thing we often forget to deeply cleanse is our hair.

Our hair absorbs and holds onto environmental pollutants and toxins, while certain bacteria can also feed on the sebum (oils) produced by the glands that surround the base of the hair shaft.  So now more than ever before I invite you to wash your hair with an intention to remove environmental pollutants, purify and detoxify your hair from all the nasties that are around us

All of our haircare will cleanse the hair and remove unwanted toxins and environmental pollutants from the hair and while all are free from paraben's, triethanolamine, dmdm hydantoin, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, dioxanesis, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), sodium laureate sulfate (SLES) and palm oil, our B PURE range is specifically formulated to cleanse on a deeper level. 

Designed to gently remove environmental pollutants, salt, chlorine and mineral deposits, cleanse and treat normal to oily scalps with dry ends leaving the hair feeling hydrated and glossy, our B PURE range is infused with detoxifying ingredients and essential oils including our favourite black pepper oil. 

On a spiritual level, black pepper oil is known as the oil of unmasking, it helps with gaining great motivation to confront your fears while bringing courage to new possibilities.  As well as aiding in relieving stress and anxiety, black pepper also helps to sooth tightened emotions. 

Our body wash also contains black pepper oil and is a beautiful supporting tool to use daily to help lean into radical self acceptance and self care. 
We know times are tough for everyone during this uncertain time, so we are offering 20% off all of our hair, skin and body products so you can cleanse, care, cure and connect mindfully, consciously and with an intention to lean into self care. 

As an added offering we are also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150
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