Following passion - Purposeful | Intentional living

No matter where you look, you're bound to see people all around you on the pursuit of finding their purpose and what sets their soul alight. 

One thing I've been unpacking is the false story of ease when you find your purpose.  

You see when you find your purpose, it doesn't mean you don't work a day in your life.  Nor does it mean you have endless abundance flowing your way. 

What it does look like is this......(well at least in my experience.) 

  • Turning up the dial and tuning into a force greater than you that is tapping you on the shoulder to create, ignite and develop something you actually have no idea how to do.  
  • It requires you to go ALL IN, sit on the edge of everything that you once found comfortable and get ok with being uncomfortable. 
  • It looks like endless research and development to pull together what was once and idea and turn it into a physical product, program or piece that you can already see, feel, hear and taste but have to start from the bottom to build it into the beauty it becomes. 
  • It requires endless nights leaning into self inquiry, facing off with any shadows and moving through any limiting beliefs that may hold you back or leave you in moments of doubt along your journey of uncovering. 
  • Finding a tribe of people who encourage and support you every step of the way AND the opposite of this..... having to let go of those who pull you away, set limitations and hold you back.  
  • It becomes those moments where you take a step back and witness the changes you've embarked on, the growth you've encountered and the peoples lives you've impacted along the way.

There are so many other things that take place when following your passion and discovering your purpose.  Some weeks seem to flow while others feel like a juggle.  

But what is incredible is the intention and the why behind it all.  

It goes beyond the confined space of safety, further than all the things you were ever taught and finds you in a space of confidence in your truth. 

You let go of having to force others to follow your dreams and become sovereign in your mission and a sensation of trust permeates your being that you are fully supported by something and someone bigger than you. 

Perhaps it's the universe, the divine, mama patcha, or maybe even your future self. 

Whatever it is, I invite you to take a breath, call in your why and uncover your passion and purpose.   

For me, I am on a mission to invite individuals to turn daily habits into self care rituals.  Because when we can care for ourselves that's when we can care for others and the world around us more.  

How does it get any better?



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