Happy International Women's Day March 8 2022

Happy International Women's Day March 8 2022

March 8 is a day we celebrate, honour and hold space for women, their achievements, contributions and hearts across the globe.  

Women's Day has been observed for nearly a century, with the first celebration taking place in 1911 . The day serves as a rallying point for achieving gender parity across the world with each year another opportunity to bring awareness and attention to sectors across the globe that require change.  

This year,  the theme 'Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow'  #breakthebias "Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all  #BreakTheBias."  
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international womens day

With the constant layers of uncertainty that are continuously thrust upon us, it's important to take a moment in each day to remember the significance and gift that you are and BE. 

While today is a day we acknowledge women in leadership roles across the globe, I believe it's equally important to take a hot minute to look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge just how far you have come.  I invite you to carve space in your day today to lean into a little self care ritual, light a candle, smudge your space, sit in reflection and journal some of your achievements over time.  They may feel small initially, but when you release comparison and judgements, you begin to realise the importance your role has within your circles, your family and work spaces.   If you have the capacity and space after this, go shine a light on a sister in your circle, shower her with love and adoration for her contribution to your world, your community and life. 

As I sit in reflection today over my cup of ceremonial cacao, some of the women that have come to my mind are incredible super heroes that wear invisible capes.  They continue to show up day in and day out committed to their growth and being of service to a wider community.  Their entrepreneurial spirit leaves me constantly inspired to be and do better, to lean forward into leadership and share everything I learn with an intention to serve and heal.   

Here are  just a few women that I am personally acknowledging today while also holding space and deep respect for the divine leaders in much needed sectors across the globe leading us into a more equal and sustainable future. 

 - Over these last few weeks we have been impacted here in Australia by some of the worst floods in our time.  South East Queensland and NSW in particular the Northern Rivers were some of the worst hit, with entire suburbs completely wiped out.   Where we normally lean upon our leaders to step up, these communities were left for days without government support, instead we saw thousands of ordinary humans step up and step in to rescue, support, mobilise, clean up and heal.   Lisa was one of the women I was watching from our home who jumped straight in with the help of many others to find resources, set up evacuation centres and SO MUCH MORE.  While many of us couldn't support from the ground, women like Lisa made it possible for us to see the enormity of the devastation and create paths for us to help.   While this is far from over, it is because of Lisa and the many others including the incredible humans over at corner stone stores, nutra organics and more that we can see how to continue to support over the coming weeks, months and years ahead. 

There are many other women I cheer on, acknowledge and revere for many reasons but today I sit in the space of acknowledging those close to my heart, the women in my circle that continue to inspire me with their capacity to share their voice, for being unapologetically themselves and honouring their cycles and phases, their multifaceted ways and the depth of their love.  I continue to be blessed with a lens that sees the beauty in ALL things, having been raised as a child of immigrant parents where inclusion, community and love were the forefront of our operating system.  Let's join together and remove the obstacles standing in the way between you and them, create space for unity and see one another for the divine beings we truly are. 

So today I invite you to come home to your hearts, lean a little deeper into you self care ritual and turn the corners of your lips in an upward direction.  While there are many reasons to feel pain and suffering right now, it's important to lean into duality and know that where there is dark there is always light, where there are women, there is opportunity to heal, gather, nurture and support. 

Blessings and Blessings 

xo Annalisa 


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