International womens day

International womens day

Happy International women's day.

I personally would love to take a moment to acknowledge each and every one of you, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, soul sisters, our ancestors and all the woman of the world.
Those who have carved the way through sheer strength to make the changes that have made it possible for us to continue to be the stand. 
You are seen, you are heard and you are loved.

Individually we are one drop.  
Collectively we are the entire ocean. 

Women have gathered in circles throughout the ages.

They have gathered to support and hold space for one another, to celebrate birth, honour death, to hold ceremony, to share experiences, to work together as visionaries and bring dreams to life.  
Ultimately, women have gathered to create tribes and community.

My passion as a holistic hair artist, product developer and self care advocate is to encourage and invite women to turn daily habits into self care rituals.
 To find the beauty in each day and above all themselves. 

When we turn up the dial on self care, sit in ritual and become more aware and attuned to our feminine essence, this marks the beginning of a deeper expansion that ripples through to our families and communities. 

To celebrate international womens day today, we are offering 20% discount on
all haircare, skincare and our beautiful range of body oils and chakra mists. 
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Now you too can lean into self care and be assisted and supported through the many carefully selected essential oils and activated crystals infused into each of our products. 

xo Annalisa 
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