Invest in yourself.

Invest in yourself.

What does it mean to INVEST?

The definition of "invest" is to put valuable resources into something that you expect will give you a personal or financial gain.  

More often than not we are always looking to invest money into property, shares, crypto, business and so on.  We place value on things we've been conditioned to believe will give us a healthy return on investment and in the mean time work countless hours meeting demands, shuffling money around, speaking with financial advisors all while not focusing on the one thing that remains when and if these things both prosper or not.... YOU. 

But investing can and does also refer to ‘effort’ and or ‘time'.  These are our most precious and valuable resources. 

We often invest in people, not just ‘things’. We see this in relationships (including the one we have with ourselves) as well as our own personal and professional selves. However, unfortunately investing in ourselves is not often something we factor in, budget for, or make a priority.  

What if we started to create the shift and when people go to see a broker to talk all things ‘investment’ they begin discussing signing up to a local yoga class, subscribe to the local organic veggie box or enrol in an online business school, mentorship program or course.

The past 18 months have proven that all aspects of personal health are important if we wish to remain healthy, strong and balanced. 

With mindfulness now becoming more mainstream and widely accepted in workplaces, social circles and more, now is the time to take stock on what and how you can invest in yourself. 

Here are some ways you can invest in you. 

  • Personal / Self Development 

Signing up to workshops, courses, listening to podcasts, reading 'self help / improvement' books, embracing new experiences, expanding your awareness and your horizons are perfect examples of investing in self. 

By engaging in personal development you are creating opportunities to not only improve and expand your emotional intelligence, but also your confidence, listening skills, conversation skill, empathy, your capacity to cope with change, your organisation skills, improve focus and clarity as well as broaden your experiences.  

It's through investing time into self you begin to foster a deeper relationship to self, discover your needs, desires and wants and in turn build the courage to express your needs and discover your absolute YES and heck NO.

  • Professional Development 

By enrolling in TAFE, university or other short courses or training to expand your skill set, increase your knowledge base and expertise or to develop a specialty in something of interest, can all contribute to a more satisfying and rewarding career.  

This improves job satisfaction, increases confidence in the work place, productivity and earning potential.

  • Health & Wellbeing 

Your health IS your most valuable asset, and spending time, energy & money on improving your wellbeing should be a priority.   Investing in healthy, nutritious food, wellness, fitness / movement, and stress reduction are all valuable ways to look after the essential assets that are you, your body and mind. 

This assists in reduced stress levels, increased energy and productivity, overall health, improves sleep, mood, relationships and mental health. 

As you continue to budget and plan for 2021 and allocate funds for your financial commitments and goals, consider setting aside time and energy to focus on investing in yourself.  

Your future you will thank you for it!  


Annalisa Siefken 

Founder B ^ R E movement

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