Manifestation ritual for a new year.

Manifestation ritual for a new year.

H ^ P P Y    N E W   Y E A R

With the festive season coming to a close and a new decade upon us, we thought it timely to share some tips on how to create a manifestation ritual that will see you leaning into acknowledgement, acceptance, self care and goal setting with clarity and ease. 

We know that this is the time of year we all set major goals and within 3 months we start to see them dissolve and old habits and patterns resurface. 

It's because of this we'd love to help guide you into a year of              JOY, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE & SELF CARE RITUALS with action steps that are not only attainable but achievable! 


Manifestation ritual 

1. Clear your space
- create a space that is free from clutter and dust, a space that you feel comfortable in to either meditate, journal, practice yoga, savasana or pure stillness.   It doesn't need to be an entire room, it could be an alter that you sit before with your favourite books, crystals etc or even a corner of a room, it could be a space outside on the grass with your mat, where ever it is, set an intention for this to be a space for you. 

2. Bring in your tools
- add some of your favourite things into your space, we recommend our chakra candles or spray mists, crystals,smudge stick or palo santo wand, lunar bowl,  inspiration boards, incense, flowers, journal, books / poetry that help you draw inspiration etc. 

3. Take a moment to breathe
- light your smudge stick or palo santo wand and candle with an intention to cleanse and purify the space and your mind.  

Sit in stillness and focus on breath for 1-3 minutes with your eyes closed and take a moment to acknowledge how far you have come.  

Move through your achievements, creations and connections that have gotten you to where you are today and sit in gratitude for this.  

Let go of all the things you wish you had achieved and simply witness what you have.

4. Visualise
-  visualise what it is you are calling in for the new year.   

If it's health, then visualise a healthy, fit, strong version of yourself. 
If it's abundance, then visualise a clear picture of what this looks like for you.  
If it's love, then visualise yourself as the energy of love. 
If it's service, then visualise yourself as an active part of the community in which you wish to serve. 

5. Write down an action plan
- all of our intentions and goals are just ideas unless we take action.  It's writing small action steps that can be taken each day that allow us the knowing that we can achieve each goal. 

If it's abundance you are calling in, then look at your finances and start cleaning them up, go right into the process of refining your payments, writing down ways to help clear your debts, go through your subscriptions and let go of the ones that no longer serve you and slowly start to watch space be created for more wealth. 

If it's love, then start working on ways you can show up as the energy of love, take action steps that bring you closer to that which you are calling in.   This could be as simple as joining networking groups, signing up for that app etc...  any action step that brings you that bit closer is where it all begins. 

6. Stay kind
- stay open to new infinite possibilities.   It's important to write down your goals and take action, but it's also important to understand that change is the one constant.  That if you discover something new that brings you to a place of centeredness, connection, joy and love, it's ok to change your direction.   (Just be aware of the ways in which we can self sabotage though procrastination, self doubt etc.)


Remember, you are the only thing standing in the way of your reality. 

With daily rituals and leaning into self care, taking time to get clear on what's important to us, we can then make choices daily that reflect the energy we wish to attract. 

Choose health, vitality, tox free, cruelty free and self care with
B ^ R E. 

Wishing you all a safe, happy, healthy 2020.  

We can not wait to share our latest projects with you! 



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