New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

New moons represent the start of a new lunar cycle, they bring a fresh new energy, an opportunity to clear away the old, detox the mind and body, set intentions and move into a new version of self. 

This particular new moon is coupled with a lunar new year, a time of new beginnings, the year of the tiger - the symbol of bravery, wisdom and strength. 

The energy that follows brings an opportunity to shake off the old and walk courageously into the new.   While Aquarius speaks to liberation, freedom and uniqueness, it also brings humanitarian qualities, connection and community, add in wisdom and strength, we have a recipe here to initiate great change. 

While Mercury is still in retrograde, it's important to utilise this energy to declutter, reflect, set intentions to plant seeds but not launch too far forward just yet, until she stations direct use a few days later on February 3rd.  It's here we may feel the fullness of the new moon energies. 

Change is brewing, can you feel it?

During these phases we feel into the collective energies, some of us are more empathic than others and carry the weight of these energies on our shoulders, it's important to lean into inquiry, apply the access consciousness tool of questioning "is this mine, someone else's or something else?" and act once you feel into the answers that unfold. 

If it's yours, take responsibility, lean into awareness and allow the tension to move through your body, you can do this through movement, chanting, screaming into a pillow, dance or tapping.  (just to name a few)

If it's someone else's, a great way to let it go is to repeat the words "I return to sender with consciousness attached", this doesn't inflict pain or trauma onto anyone but allows the body to let go knowing it can trust the universe has your back. 

If it presents as something else, here in lays an opportunity to give it back to the earth, stand bare foot on the ground, return to your breath and set an intention to plug in, releasing what is not yours to carry and return to your sovereign being.  If you have access to the ocean or flowing water close by, bathing yourself in this energy can initiate flow and release also. 

Other rituals that assist during these phases are,

  • cleanse your space, light your white sage and set an intention to clear away any ineffective or stagnant energies that are clouding your mind, taking up space or holding you back
  • take a long bath.  Infuse your bath with one of our intentional body + bath oils and soak.  Allow the aromas to transport you through time and space into pure bliss. 
  • come home to your heart with the guidance of ceremonial cacao.  Holding a sacred ceremony in the comfort of your own home is incredibly nourishing.  Create space, smudge, light a candle and have a journal and pen ready beside you to jot down the influx of downloads and insights you may receive in this moment. 
  • apply your skincare with care and attention, focus on each section of your skin pouring love into each cell with gratitude. 

Overall this new moon in Aquarius is about clearing the mind, let go of the noise and uncertainty and create space for expansion, for new beginnings and fresh opportunities. 

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