New Moon In Sagittarius

New Moon In Sagittarius

As I sit to ponder on this current energy I am met with a mixed feeling of both exhaustion and freshness,  light and shadow, excitement and stillness....

Polarity seems to be the main sensation that is moving through me.  It could be due to the past few weeks of my personal journey being based around digging deep, health flare ups and truly diving into what it means to find grace in suffering. And with that a beautiful softening, greater downloads and insights as I loosened my grip on what it means to expect perfect health and rather simply nuzzle into the comfort of a warm hug, a cup of tea and nourishing soups. 

It seems the entire world continues to be a little off kilter, many of my clients coming in with tender hearts, aching bodies and yearning for a pause. 

This is your permission slip, an invitation to slow down and sit in a moment of self reflection. 

With each new moon no matter where the energy sits in your chart, they come with an opportunity to reconnect to your sacred centre and lean into reflection, plant seeds for the new lunar month and clear away what no longer serves.  So while I write and ponder a few days post the new moon event, we still have time to lean into and work with this energy. 

When the new Moon is positioned within a particular astrological energy, it takes on that vibration, affecting our emotions with that frequency. This energy gives us somewhere to focus each month, directing our attention to that aspect of ourselves and offers opportunities to explore a deeper sense of self, how we relate and show up in the world. 

When we look at the Sagittarius sign we see a great sense of optimism, adventure and curiosity, an energy of freshness.  There is a strong need for truth in everything, so as we move into a new moon energy and approach the end of the year we are met with a chance to not merely accept, but to embrace the uncertainty and mysteriousness of what’s to come.  With the Sagittarius energy a sign that always moves towards something new, now is the time to clear away old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stagnant.  

Over the coming days set your intentions, sit in quiet contemplation and try something new.  Take a different route to work, eat in a different space, book a ticket to a different experience or go on a new adventure.   

As we are constantly seeking truth and stability outside, maybe now is a good time to return home within, see where in life you are not being truthful to yourself and make small yet impactful adjustments that will steer you in a new direction that lights you up. 

This is also a great time to go out with friends, be spontaneous and have a little fun.  Try to not seek answers in everything, take the pressure off and give yourself wholly to an experience that brings you joy. 


Annalisa Siefken 

BARE movement

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