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Everyday is an opportunity to lean into self care and inquiry, but what’s particularly beautiful about ritual around the moon phase is the knowing, collective empowerment and resonance that takes place as you familiarise yourself with the planets, their meanings and the opportunities to create impact during these times.

(I'm personally still exploring this and don't claim to know a lot around astrology, but for me I feel deep deep resonance around these times with an intuitive nudge to inquire and explore, journal, release and forecast, it's been a part of my world since I was a young girl, and so I share what is vibrating within me in the hope it inspires and initiates growth and connectedness within you.)

Eclipses represent portals into new states of consciousness, they bring events and awareness to events that shift and transform our lives carving a path for us to step into a new phase of soul growth and expansion.  

As we reach the endpoint of this eclipse cycle with the final eclipse in 2021, it shines a light on the things around us and parts of us that have undergone a death and rebirth, the things that shook you to your core and bought a new level of awareness and warrior like spirit through you and gives us the chance to become fully integrated.  

The Astrological theme here is about an ending of a chapter, asking us to let go of the things we are trying to control or releasing things we have outgrown.


With this new moon eclipse being in Sagittarius it opens the door for us to reflect upon, drop old stories and constructs, integrate and start to see the end of the journey that began some time ago.  The key opportunity here is to free ourselves from anything that is not connected to the core of our most authentic expression and spiritual selves.  

Here we have the chance to change the narrative that's been holding us back from advancing in all arenas, from health to career goals, REALationships and soul growth.  Remembering how we do one thing is how we do ALL things, so it's important to find the patterns that are no longer serving us, that continue to keep us looping and spiralling without an exit into our new state, put them down, thank them for the lessons and create space for freedom and alignment to take place. 

Clarity emerges, positive shifts take place and we begin to open up to a new chapter, finding beauty and connectedness in all things as well as clear direction for the future with discernment.  

If you believe in it, you can achieve it.   

So if you have ties that either require some repair and attention or space and letting go, now is the time to confront each one with love and kindness.  Maybe it's time to sit in the sacred questions such as "what's perfect about this that I'm not quite getting?", "what does my soul need me to hear?" or "What does my body and mind require of me in order to move forward with ease and joy?"

Here are 5 ways to utilise the eclipse and new moon energy this weekend. 

  • 1. Clear your space - declutter and create a sacred space in your home or office for you to sit in quite contemplation.  A space you can journal, move your body, meditate, reflect, visualise.  It doesn't have to be big or have ALL the things, just a space you can gather your tools, connect to your breath and return home to your heart. 


  • 2. Smudge your space with sage or Palo Santo.  Set loving intentions to gently clear away and ineffective or dense energies and call upon guidance and support from your angels and guides as you lean into ritual.  For more information on each tool in our purification bundles click the link 


  • 3. Set 5 mins to centre yourself.   Take 5 - 11 circulating breaths to have you come into your body. 


  • 4. Journal - This could be creative free writing in your fullest expression, it may look like you sharing your thoughts or intuition on what's taking place within and around you, or it may be an opportunity to write down what's no longer serving and what it is you are calling in.  

Some journal prompts 

- Today I release old stores, patterns, projections and conclusions that no longer serve me.....

- I call upon my highest self and come into radical alignment as I create space to call in....abundance..... more soulful connections.....  intimacy ..... movement ..... time in nature

- With this new moon and solar eclipse I choose to .........


  • 5. Integrate - This could be through dance, movement, sound, drumming, chanting, clapping or nourishing foods.   It's important to integrate with awareness, gratitude and INTENTION. 


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May you find peace in this transition, joy in the reflection and love in the discovery of your highest self. 




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