P I N K   C L A Y 

Our latest product is meeting all current beauty demands and has become our best selling skincare product for more than one reason. 

Suitable for ALL skin types including sensitive skin, our Australian Pink Clay Mask has the ability to unblock the pores, soothe and soften the skin leaving it hydrated, smooth and plump. 

Curious about this latest trend and want to know more? 

In the world of Natural Skincare, Pink Clay is known for its amazing benefits for sensitive skin.  Referred to as the most gentle of all the clays, Pink Clay is actually suitable for all skin types because of its very light texture yet deeply restorative properties.  Pink Clay benefits the skin by providing a boost of natural minerals which help to replenish skin with the nourishment it needs to function well and retain moisture.

So what is Pink Clay?

Pink Clay is a very mild combination of red and white clays, rich in minerals including silica, as well as kaolinite, iron, elite, montmorilonite and calcite, which work together effectively to cleanse the skin removing dean skin cells and improve elasticity.  All incredibly healing and natural to the skin. 

Infused with several healing herbal powders including Calendula, Chamomile and Aloe Vera known for their soothing and calming properties, as well as lavender oil for its calming benefits.  

B REFINED - Pink Clay Mask is 100% preservative free, vegan, locally sourced and Australian made and owned. 

How often should I use a Pink Clay Mask?  

If you have oily skin to combination skin use 2 to 3 times a week for best results. For dry or sensitive skin, use up to 2 times per week. To maximise results we recommend using after our B Clear Facial Cleansing Gel.  

Try turning it into a  ritual.

Rituals are an invitation for us to reconnect, lean into radical self care, and swim in the space of curiosities, possibilities and meaning through intentions, movement, activities and more.  

It's as easy as setting aside 15 - 30 minutes of YOU time.  

I know, I know, easier said than done right?                                  WRONG.                                                                                                     If there is one thing I have learnt as a woman and a working mum, it's that in order for me to engage in all of my day to day activities with attention, care and respect, I need to acknowledge the importance of self care and those attributes to myself first.    It was after serious burnout that I finally learnt this lesson which is why I created B ^ R E and why I lean into rituals daily to help me gain clarity and foresight, wellness and mindfulness and of course to open the heart space so I can not only connect with others on a more deeper, meaningful level but most of all myself.

I like to light a candle, our B CONNECTED, rose and pink pepper, crystal infused candle is perfect for turning up the vibe on self care.  Once I've lit the candle I like to draw a bath and add in 10 - 20 drops of my B DIVINE body and bath oil for an extra loving experience and then begin my own B ^ R E facial.    

Step 1.  Cleanse the skin with B CLEAR facial cleansing gel

Step 2.  Place 1 x tablespoon amount of B REFINED Pink Clay Mask into the palm of my hand and slowly add a few drops of purified water into it until you create a clay,  gently apply to the face (avoiding eye area), neck and décolletage and leave for approximately 10 - 20 mins 

Step 3. Gently remove with a warm face cloth

Step 4. Gently pat down the skin and once you are completely dry all over, apply a little spritz of our B AWAKENED toning mist, followed by your choice of one of our serums. 

Step 5.  Complete the ritual by applying one of our moisturisers, either B BALANCED for a lighter lotion or B NURTURED for a deeper, more nourishing peptide creme.   

Step 6.  Take a deep inhalation, relax the shoulders and lean into the rest of your day or night. 

This ritual allows me to completely slow down, be intentional and receive the full benefits of the crystal energy and essential oil benefits that are infused in each of our products. 

Click the link to add more magic to your natural skincare routine today.

Enjoy the process. 


Much love  


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