Post new moon in Gemini vibes

Post new moon in Gemini vibes

Whether you are affected by the moon phase or not, there's no denying there are constant shifts taking place both internally and externally on the regular!

With change being the only constant and my increasing and never ending curiosities, I love to explore ALL of the areas that participate in my ever expansive conscious awareness. 

As a woman, a human being and a lover of all things resonance I know that I am deeply affected by the cycles and phases of the moon, the changes in seasons and more.  How we choose to ease into these transitions comes with an intention to lean into educating ourselves on what is taking place both astrologically, seasonally, personally and how we can move forward with this information. 

This insight is a few days post the new moon in Gemini for good reason.  I've been basking in and observing my own energy and that of those around me this past week, assimilating, digesting and holding space for my body as she required more moments of reflection and rest at this time. 

For me personally the energy of the new phases and cycles take place a few days to a week prior and last a good week post.  So with this said, here's my insights into this current vibe that we may or may not be marinating in. 

This new moon in Gemini was the first after a very big eclipse season.  I don't know about you, but the eclipse season was one that catapulted us where we needed to be, even if it was uncomfortable.  Eclipse seasons are designed to boost our level of consciousness at great speeds and often leaves a trail of debris that we either need to leave behind or reach back to collect when the time is right.   This may have looked like deeper awareness, heightened intuition the past few months, increased dream states, possibly premonitions, or even a knowing that where you were wasn't right for you any longer and you may have needed to begin the process of initiating great change in certain areas of your life. 

This new moon brings a fresh energy, an opportunity for a reset, time to integrate all that has unfolded before and within you as well as leave you with a fresh perspective and confidence in moving forward. 

While you may feel called to leap forward, this new moon is cautioning us to S L O W down and be patient.  Remember time is on your side if you create space for it.  We are now in winter here in Australia which also reminds us to rest and digest, hence why I've been taking my time to feel into this current cycle as I set my new intentions. 

It’s important to give yourself permission to take your time in the days surrounding the new moon.   We’ve had the ruling planet of communication and technology (Mercury) in retrograde so it’s important to  not rush into decisions with haste. 

Catch your breath. 

Focus on self care at this time.

Your tools are a great ally right now.  If you feel uncomfortable sitting in the slower pace, be sure to call upon your rituals and tools to help clear the mind.  

Smudging your space and body with white sage can help to clear any sticky or stagnant energy / residue that may be lingering from the past few months, as well as placing selenite crystals around your space for grounding.  Essential oils such as frankincense are great for grounding (found in our B enlightened candle) while body oils infused with plant wisdom are a great way to come back into your physical body. 

white sage, clear quartz crystal, palo santo

Under this new moon we’ve had the energy of Chariklo, known as the asteroid of spirt medicine.  Chariklo represents a returning for spiritual healing, a reminder that we are deeply connected and an intrinsic part of life on this planet.   It’s with awareness and intention you can utilise this gentle energy to help facilitate and help sooth your healing process.  Tune deeper into nature and lean on her for support and assistance during this time.  (A walk in nature or earthing are easy and effective ways to reconnect with nature.)

As we look at the energy and essence of Gemini, we are met with twins - polarity, mortality and immortality, the physical and the spiritual.  Now is a beautiful time to bring harmony into your body and soul.   You are the bridge between both the physical and the spiritual worlds as well as the masculine and feminine energy within, so it’s important to set an intention to bring unison and harmony to both aspects and sides.  We can do this many ways, but a gentle and effective technique I personally love to bring harmony into the body is through yogic breath work, a technique known as nadi shodhana pranayama, also known as alternate nostril breathing.   With regular practice it is known to calm, purify and rejuvenate the nervous system, clear and release toxins as well as reduce stress and anxiety. 

nadi shodhana breathing

It is best to practice this two to three times per day, on a light stomach and stay within your comfortable capacity.  It works best if you set aside time after for meditation or quiet contemplation. 

Sit in a comfortable seated position, your head, neck and trunk straight throughout the practice.  Breathe diaphragmatically with no pauses, keeping the breath smooth and relaxed. 

Use a special hand positionor mudra, to gently close off each nostril. Bring the right hand up to the nose and fold the index and middle fingers to the palm, so that you can use the thumb to close the right nostril, and the ring finger to close the left nostril. Be sure that you are not bending over to bring the head down to your hand. And remember, be gentle. Simply rest the thumb or finger against the side of the nostril; this does not require more than a light touch.

Begin your practice by inhaling through both nostrils, then close one nostril and exhale and inhale smoothly and completely through the other. Make the exhalation and the inhalation of equal length and avoid any sense of forcing the breath. Now change sides, completing one full breath with the opposite nostril.  Continue alternating for 6 full breaths.

Remember, take it slow over the next few days, sip on some herbal teas or sacred cacao to reconnect to nature and feel into the warmth as the weather starts to change. 

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