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COVID-19 & Why Washing Your Hair Is Important Now More Than Ever.

Practicing hygiene in all areas is important all of the time, but now more than ever we need to be more mindful of our hygiene practices, health and our sovereignty.  We know the importance of washing our hands and our clothes but have you thought about wiping over your devices, keyboards, phones and metal surfaces with antibacterial wipes or sprays?   We like to make antibacterial sprays and wipes with our organic essential oils and pure alcohol along with vitamin e oil, there are a array of recipes available on line to guide you in all your DIY projects. (*click the...

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International Women's Day & Full Moon Vibes

Yesterday marked a special day of the year.


A day that marks the movement of women's rights.

A day that holds space as we recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and hold space for ourselves as women, our sisters, our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers. A day we celebrate Mother Nature, Gaia, the mother moon and all her offerings. 

A day we stand in our sovereignty and in our power, harnessing our innate wisdom, voice, creativity and heart and then share that with the world. 

A day we honour the women around the globe who don't have access to the same level of opportunity, liberation and freedom most of us do here in western society and send them love, be their voice and be the stand for change. 

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O U R - K E Y - F O C U S

At B ^ R E movement we pride ourselves in upholding ethical and moral standards from start of production, ingredient sourcing and aligning with the right partners to help us create and deliver each product direct to you. Personal care products are subject to a range of regulatory controls by the ACCC and the NICNAS, all of the ingredients used are approved by these bodies and are safe for consumers, our team and the environment.

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We rise and lift others only when we rise ourselves first.

When we start embracing all of the parts of ourselves, that’s when we embrace others.  When we start to connect to self, that’s when we make real connections.  When we learn to stop and take a breath, that’s when we fully appreciate our natural ability to breathe.  When we turn our daily habits into moments of self care, that’s when the shift takes place.  In order to support, encourage and uplift others, we first need to do this for ourselves.    How do I reach this space I hear you ask?  Here are five simple steps to assist you with connecting...

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Self love first, so you can love them too.

Because when we start to love ourselves more, that’s when we become more compassionate beings and start standing up for what we stand on.  That’s when we get to collaborate, inspire and be inspired as a collective and truly make a difference on the planet. 

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