News — rituals

Practical tools to help you remain calm amongst the chaos. 

With all of this uncertainty filling our tv screens, social media and social conversations, I wanted to take a moment to CHECK IN.  

One thing I know for sure is that when we sit in the practice of our rituals, mindfulness and expanding our awareness, we remain calm amongst the chaos.

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International Women's Day & Full Moon Vibes

Yesterday marked a special day of the year.


A day that marks the movement of women's rights.

A day that holds space as we recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and hold space for ourselves as women, our sisters, our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers. A day we celebrate Mother Nature, Gaia, the mother moon and all her offerings. 

A day we stand in our sovereignty and in our power, harnessing our innate wisdom, voice, creativity and heart and then share that with the world. 

A day we honour the women around the globe who don't have access to the same level of opportunity, liberation and freedom most of us do here in western society and send them love, be their voice and be the stand for change. 

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