It's been with deep exploration and inquiry into duality, perspective, wholeness and separation that I am begging to truly understand and adopt the understanding and application of unity consciousness. 

From my understanding, we have been conditioned in this lifetime to adapt the mindset of dual consciousness, the automatic state of separation.  And what I've uncovered is the agreement that we each play this part over and over from generation to generation, until we see that it does not serve us. 

*Dual Consciousness separates people by obvious or alleged differences under categories such as ideology, race, ability and ethnicity.  - Huff Post

It's when we begin to see the true distinction between what has been conditioned, taught and passed down through traditions and what is our true nature, we unravel the beauty that is oneness. 

By sitting in inquiry, or perhaps experiencing huge shifts in our perspectives (this can happen through momentous experiences in life where we experience trauma, loss, grief, profound love, joy, bliss, flow or perhaps those transitions from maiden to mother, maga and crone) we start to wake to a new conscious awareness that we are not seperate nor of more significance than any one or anything else, but more intrinsically connected and rather than come from an individual perspective we lean into compassion and see that we each move through suffering, longing, anxiety, forgiveness, love and the knowing that everything is temporary. 

As we continue to share our gifts, voices and talents with the world and be the stand for change, for love, for human and animal rights and SO much more, one thing I know for sure is that when we unite and come together, we truly can create ripple effects that initiate change for the better. 

Collaborating with people in your community that share this same awareness is the beginning of generating acceptance, compassion, peace and trust, qualities that have the power of offering more opportunity for innovation, reconciliation and fulfilment while opening the heart to receiving this knowing that together we rise. 

There is a divine magic that unfolds when we lean into vulnerability and courage, sovereignty and self love that begins this inspiring journey into unity consciousness. 

So let's begin here and now. 


Annalisa Siefken 


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