The moments in between...

The moments in between...

It's a strange time the in between... 
Those days in between the chaos of Christmas day and seeing in a new year. 
For some they are nursing full bellies after over indulging in the deliciousness of treats, while others tend to over activated nervous systems, many hold tender hearts after being with loss and the pain of missing loved ones while others simply sit back celebrating the joy and gratitude of seeing those they love with bright smiles and playful giggles. 

A time of deep contemplation
A time of reflection
A time to gather 
A time to BE

For our household the week leading up to Christmas was met with sadness as we lost our beautiful Zia, (our Aunt) and a dear cousin the days that followed.  Due to also coming down with covid we were unable to attend the funeral or be with family on the day of gathering, and so we leant on the beauty of technology and shared presence, love and support from afar. 

The thing about grief... you never know how it's going to show up.  
You can never predict how the heart will govern these moments, but you can soften and simply surrender into the sensations to allow it all to move through you. 

Years ago I was so caught up being "busy" with work and life that I stuffed down the tears and simply showed up in between tasks, that's how we are taught how to move through such times, to just get on with it and not face the feelings that arise.  But as the years continue to pass and the more I explore the softening, unfold into the divine feminine and discover the ancient practices and tools as well as ways to regulate the nervous system, the more I surrender into allowing.  No judgment, no shame, no projections, just allowing.  And the beauty that arises in these moments is indescribable. 

There are books written and tales told of how to tend to fractured hearts, and yet experiencing pure stillness and allowance while in these phases is by far the greatest way of discovering the beauty in the pain, they say it's in the moments between each breath, the pause at the top and the bottom of each inhalation and exhalation that offers us the greatest treasures and wisdoms, and it's something we can only discover in our own divine timing. 

The pause offers moments of deep gratitude, 
for life, 
for breath, 
for connection. 

And it's in the moments that follow that invite our energy, our emotional intelligence and our hearts to step in, up and forward in forging and creating actions that to create change, heal and connect. 

While all of this was taking place my latest collection had landed and while I would normally shout it from the rooftops and send multiple emails to share this excitement, I sat and allowed myself to feel and to heal. 

The art of ritual and ceremony along with the reminder to return to breath are the greatest gifts in all moments in life, but in particular the moments in between. 

As we create space over these last few days of 2022 and begin to manifest our desires and goals for the new year, I invite you first to reflect on ALL the moments that lead to your growth and expansion this year.  True freedom comes not from healing the pains and choosing only joy, it lies in the accepting each moment for what it is and then choosing how to move through it.

For me it's in the lighting of a candle, that first sip of cacao as I sit with loving intention, the pen as it meets the paper and the fullness of each moment as it has me meet my edges and stretch out and beyond the limitations I had once created.   As we turn daily habits into self care rituals, we begin to harness the moments in between and move with more moment by moment awareness, and if these past few days / weeks / months have taught me anything at all, it's that both love and pain are the portal to our highest self, to our connection to the divine and to only desire one is to not fully live. 

May these next few days grace you with presence, with reflection and contemplation and as you tilt your chin towards the sky, may the sun that kisses your cheeks and the wind that touches your back remind you that you are perfect, whole and complete, just not yet finished. 

With love 


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