We rise and lift others only when we rise ourselves first.

When we start embracing all of the parts of ourselves, that’s when we embrace others. 

When we start to connect to self, that’s when we make real connections. 

When we learn to stop and take a breath, that’s when we fully appreciate our natural ability to breathe. 

When we turn our daily habits into moments of self care, that’s when the shift takes place. 

In order to support, encourage and uplift others, we first need to do this for ourselves.   

How do I reach this space I hear you ask? 

Here are five simple steps to assist you with connecting to self, try them on and start seeing the relationships you have around you begin to flourish. 


  • Turn your simple daily habits into moments of self care.                      These are our simplest habits, such as washing your hands, brushing  your teeth and washing your hair.   Before you step into each process  inhale and recognise that this is your moment to stop, nurture your body  and clean any mess from the day or night you just had.  Embrace all the  B ^ R E  parts of your being with acceptance and love. 
  • Radical self responsibility.                                                                       This is where you start to take accountability for your actions and responses to all situations.  
  • Self reflection.                                                                                       Taking more moments to pause, stop, relax.   Meditation is great and can be done in many ways, it can be a guided meditation which is available on many apps such as omvana, it can also be achieved through movement and flow such as Yoga, Qi gong or Tai Chi.   Or simply sit with a cup of tea with no interference, no phone or computer and pure space and time to sit with your thoughts, acknowledge them and then let them go. 
  • Eat well.                                                                                                 Listen to your body and eat as clean as possible.   Stay clear of processed foods and increase your vegetable intake.                         (Seek advice from a nutritionist where possible)


  • Sleep well.                                                                                                   With all the extensive research out there around sleep, some suggest that it’s not necessarily the amount of hours you get, but the quality of sleep your getting.   Create a calming environment and routine before bed, light meditation can assist with an improved sleep along with self care rituals. 


They say, how you do one thing is how you do everything, so take notice of how your doing your everyday chores right down to how you prepare your morning coffee.  Then set some systems in place to help you connect more to your self and those around you.                                                                               


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