Crystal Energy Benefits

Crystal Energy Benefits

Why Crystals?
The aesthetic and energetic power of crystals and minerals have been known and used for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and the Chinese, have used gemstones in skincare since the dawn of recorded history.

Instead of using harmful petrochemical, SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) and paraben based beauty and health care products, why not consider using natural based products like the ancients did?

The science backing this is known as electro-stimulants.  Minerals in crystals function as semi conductors for your skin!  This works to increase cellular productivity, performance, repair and penetrate the skin while leveraging the effects of any other ingredient.

B ^ R E  products are proudly infused with quality, ethically and locally sourced essential oils, crystal & reiki energy, authenticity, love, care and respect. 
We've spent the last 5 years researching and refining our products to bring you a safer alternative in personal care products, inviting you to lean into a world where natural and beauty can and do co exist.   A space where you can turn daily habits into self care rituals and allow our high vibrational products to support your mind as you focus on your hair, skin, body and home. 
You are invited to facilitate your own ritual as you open, balance and restore the chakras through your everyday tasks of caring for your hair, skin, mind and body.
From cleansing the base chakra with our selection of salon effective shampoos, care for the solar plexus as you condition your hair, cure the heart chakra with each hair mask, serum or treatment, open the throat chakra as you create with our styling range and activate the third eye and crown with our connect range of skincare, chakra body mists, organic body oils and crystal infused candles.
Each range has been specifically curated and developed with carefully and thoughtfully selected ingredients to help support each stage and process. 
Our latest addition to the CONNECT range  B ^ R E organic body oil consist of a selection of essential oils combined in carrier oils of jojoba, sunflower, rosehip, coconut, vitamin E and apricot kernel oil.  
During manufacture a charged crystal bead or more is placed in each bottle and these, along with the selection of essential oils are intended to open, balance and restore the chakras, to evoke a sensation of gratitude, mysticism, stillness and love while deeply nourishing and supporting the body. 

Why Essential Oils?⠀

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light.
They are electromagnetic, as we are ourselves. They are thought to travel through the space between cells, where the molecules of emotion may also travel.  Also known as plant medicine, these oils have been used since ancient Egyptian times, so it's nothing new.  We like to look at it as though we are returning to our natural state. 

The vibrational energy from the crystal helps to enhance the benefits of the essential oils and helps to balance the body and mind as we embark on our daily tasks.


Which Crystals? 

Our most used and applied crystal is Rose Quartz

One of the most beautifying healing stones.

Known to help ease tension and stress in the body, soothe anxiety, and increase self-love which is essential when it comes to clear, smooth skin.

Rose Quartz is widely used to stimulate blood circulation bringing more oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins and impurities. The vibrations of love emitted from the stone help unblock the  energy that clogs the heart chakra, releasing stress and negativity that can cause tension in the muscles that create fine lines and wrinkles.

Each of our eco soy candles and luna bowls have a variety of crystals intended for different healing and chakras.  To find our more click on the link below and see which ones you are most drawn to when you search through our store. 

The invitation in each of our products is to #turndailyhabitsintoselfcarerituals as you embark on your daily tasks of washing your hair and skin, lighting a candle or apply your daily lotions and potions. 

Get your crystal infused products today by clicking the link below and feel the difference.

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