Cacao + Hair Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies


C ^ C ^ O ceremonies 

It is said that the longest journey we will ever take is from our heads to our hearts.   

Journey back to your heart and join Annalisa in sacred ceremony, intention and ritual with ceremonial cacao, breath work, sound healing and movement.

After sitting with ceremonial cacao in ceremonies and rituals for over 5 years in both Australia, Bali, Sedona, New Zealand and Italy, Annalisa has been sharing her magic through hosting both one on one journeys in her studios and larger circles.

Over the past 2 years Annalisa has witnessed more and more women gather with an intention to connect, activate and open the heart space, reconnect to the womb space, feel held, reignite their creative essence and relieve unwanted tension from their bodies, all while being gently guided to sit in deep gratitude and reverence for the wisdom and nourishment ceremonial cacao provides.

It is Annalisa’s intention to help you lean deeper into connection and self-love as you gather, breathe and sip on ceremonial cacao together.

Cacao is a heart healing plant medicine used traditionally by ancient Mayans in ceremony and is now widely used as a tool for releasing old energies that have you feeling stagnant / stuck, while activating the heart space leaning you deeper into connection and creative expansion.  

When we sit in sacred ceremony with this plant medicine, together we create a potent practice that has you dial in rich in intention, gratitude and creativity. 

Each ceremony an invitation to gather, tune in, surrender and step into a life lead from the heart. 

Leaning into and recalibrating back into this space not only helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, it also allows you to open yourself up to that which is similar in us all rather that what is different. 


What is cacao? 

This sacred plant medicine has been used for centuries by our ancients in ceremony for many reasons including but not limited to...

  • Healing vibration of the heart 
  • Helps release old, stagnant emotions -
  • Opens creativity and leaves you in a gentle state of bliss and love. 

In short, CONNECTION, CREATIVITY and LOVE are what are bought into union when journeying with cacao.

How does it work? 

Sacred Cacao works on opening and activating the heart chakra, as it increases blood flow throughout the body. The ceremonial cacao used in all of our sacred ceremonies is ethically sourced and minimally processed to maintain its nutrients at an optimal level.

Bursting with benefits, cacao is one of the most concentrated forms of magnesium, calcium, chromium and antioxidants found in nature.

For the science lovers, here’s a little more info…..

It contains,

  • ANANDAMINE - anandamine in Sanskrit means BLISS - and is a bliss chemical that is found in the brain and in cacao that brings you literally into a state of bliss also known as that euphoric felling.
  • SEROTONIN – cacao increases the production of serotonin in the body, in turn turning up the dial on the HAPPY feeling.
  • TRYPTOPHAN – the precursor to serotonin. Tryptophan is great for elevation of mood, alleviates depression and anxiety.
  • THEOBROMINE – theobromine (directly translates to “food of the gods”) stimulates heart and mind, increases your energy, focus and concentration. HOW? it is similar to that coffee like kick, but smoother and without the crash.
  • 13 x more antioxidants than blueberries
  • 10 x more magnesium than bananas
  • 2.9 x more iron than spinach

If you are interested in journeying with sacred cacao in either a group or one on one session please email Annalisa at

*For our pregnant or nursing sisters or anyone with heart conditions, we advise you to do your own research here. If you feel cacao is too stimulating for where you may be on your journey, Annalisa also has some ceremonial tea and or maca she can brew just for you. Please let us know in advance, for blessing and preparation.  


H ^ I R ceremony + cacao 

Our hair is an energetic bridge between the physical and spiritual world.  It protects us from sun exposure, improves vitamin D absorption, and provides warmth to the area of the body that loses around twenty-five percent of our heat.  Aside from its somatic benefits, different cultures and religions believe hair can reflect your inner-most emotions and traits, retaining its own unique spiritual power and energy.  Hair also acts as an extension of our crown chakra, our connection to spirit or higher self and if left to it's own devices it will grow to an optimum length that's different for each individual!.


With over 25 years of working as a holistic and intuitive hair stylist, Annalisa witnessed the incredible impact hair has on overall confidence, connection and health and over the years intuitively created a modality that infused her knowledge of not only hair but reiki, access consciousness, mindfulness and ritual and merged it into the experience that is a B ^ R E hair ceremony. 

Using specifically developed formulas infused with natural and organic ingredients, quality essential oils (including black pepper oil to help remove unwanted pollutants and purify the mind and body), each hair ceremony is tailored to the individuals needs with the intention to treat the hair, release tension in the scalp and align the crown chakra. 

What to expect when you book in a sacred cacao and hair ceremony with Annalisa.

Breath work

Guided meditation

Sound bowl healing

A guide through tarot & essential oils

Ceremonial tea or cacao 

A deep detox & purify cleanse with our B PURE black pepper shampoo to remove environmental toxins & impurities followed by B PURE black pepper & cinnamon hair mask, hot towel and head, neck and scalp massage). 

Full body sage / smudge 

Crystal healing energy 

Each ceremony is intuitively led and facilitated, an opportunity and invitation to surrender, to sit in deep curiosity, to trust and receive guidance from your highest self.  They are held in a sacred container and no two are the same.  

"It's in these sessions I get to do what I love best, hold space as you explore and uncover your fullest potential, move through any stagnant emotions that maybe holding your back and open your heart space so you can feel, give and receive love more effortlessly." Annalisa 

Individual bookings available via 0404064471 (pls txt inquiry or email

Group bookings available (with a minimum of 5 people & exclude the hair part) but are limited - please email and stay connected via Instagram IG annalisa_siefken and bare_movement  for latest events and offerings. 



Bare movement cacao ceremony


S ^ C R E D   C ^ C ^ O   C E R E M O N Y

Are you wanting to 

- release stored tension / trapped emotion in your body

- gain clarity & insight

- reconnect to & expand your heart space

- reconnect to your divine feminine essence & creativity

- reclaim your sovereignty and tap into your untapped wisdom & potential


The power of ritual is something you can’t explain in one paragraph. There are many before us who have sat in ritual, received and recorded much wisdom and power.

For Annalisa ritual has been a huge part of her life, which is what led her to creating a range of personal care products with an intention to support and guide individuals to turn daily habits into self care rituals through the daily undertaking of cleansing, toning, moisturising and more.  

“The power of ritual brings order and meaning to your person and life.” - Dr. Tererai Trent

With over 25 years experience as a holistic hair stylist and working closely with individuals, Annalisa noticed a huge rift in women creating space and time to sit in ritual to connect to themselves, their wants and needs and observed an increase in anxiety, overwhelm and more.  After years of committing to learning modalities, sitting in sacred ceremony herself, she developed and created a sacred cacao and hair ceremony in her studio that has seen many individuals experience their own version and interpretation of awakening, connection and self love. 

Whether it’s journaling, movement, ceremony, meditation, smudging or simply lighting a candle and sitting with intention, it’s in these moments we get to sit in the creative space, in full presence, reflect on our souls experience and gather and plan for the future.



Y O G A  


Join our Founder Annalisa Siefken, Tri Yoga instructor as she guides you through a series of 10 - 15 minute gentle yoga flows captured in our own back yard here -

Palm Cove, Vlasoff Cay, Mount Mulligan Lodge and Barron Gorge National Park.

Videos created by TEQ Queensland and filmed by PhilipVids for a series of Queensland Wellness Sessions that showcase our beautiful natural wonders here in Tropical North Queensland.