B ^ R E movement  sacred space is open by appointment for all forms of holistic and integrated hair services, including hair ceremonies, specialising in blonde hair colouring, grey coverage, low tox colouring and style cutting, as well as sister circles, one on one sacred cacao ceremonies, reiki and chakra balance. 
Cacao Ceremonies are an ancient healing practice and ritual that have been utilised in ceremony for centuries, aside from the delicious taste, these ceremonies are a beautiful invitation to drop into full presence, activate and expand the heart space.
Annalisa has been journeying with this sacred plant medicine for over 6 years now, both here in Australia, Bali, New Zealand and Sedona.  As she continues to deepen her knowledge and practice though working with shamans, leaders and guides in this space, the call to hold space and share these offerings are hot on her heart. 
Friday 20th May
Brightwater - Sunshine Coast
10:00 - 11:30am
What to expect 
Organic, Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao prepared with love and intention
Journal prompting
Guided breathwork & meditation
Crystal sound healing
A gathering of like minded women





Cup of cacao with journal and pen for virttal session


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Email Annalisa at or txt 0404064471 to book your next sacred journey.