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White Jade Crystal Gua Sha Sculpting Tool

White Jade Crystal Gua Sha Sculpting Tool

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Reawaken your inner goddess and glow with our White Jade Crystal Gua Sha Sculpting Tool.  

This sacred ritual tool is designed to improve circulation, relieve tension and encourage lymphatic drainage to help brighten, lift and sculpt the face while eliminating toxins and relaxing the facial muscles. 

Utilised for centuries in ancient Egyptian and eastern medicine, this self care ritual is performed using White Jade crystal, known to be the stone of love, inner peace, harmony, health and balance, it is said to deepen our connection to self, bring us into a space of mindfulness and presence as we glide the tool over our skin in up and outward motions. 

Begin with a freshly cleansed face and gently pat dry your skin.  Select your serum, lotion or moisturiser and apply to the face, neck and  décolletage.  Glide the stone across your face in an upwards and outwards direction using gentle to medium pressure and repeat each movement 5-6 times.
When used in sacred ritual take a moment to light a candle, create space to connect to your breath and slow down, concentrating on self love, place one hand on your heart and use the other to gently glide the Gua Sha across the skin.   Use smaller curved edges to sculpt areas such as cheekbones and jawline and the larger side for larger areas such as T zone.  When you reach the décolleté area moving in downward motions towards the heart to drain any lymph fluid.
For body - Use long firm downward strokes to sculpt and upward strokes to bring the energy up to your heart
 We recommended daily use to see an improvement in the skins appearance.
Added benefits include...
  • Improves the microcirculation dramatically
  • Benefits the puffiness and swelling
  • Increases the lymphatic drainage
  • Decreases loose skin and sagging
  • Tones and lifts up the skin
  • Improves wrinkles and fine lines
  • It is considered as the master healer
  • It is very suitable for sensitive skin

Here's a tip:
The colder the tool, the more significant the boost of collagen production and circulation! You can store your beauty tools in the fridge before applying them directly onto the skin.

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