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What began as a desire to share her healing experience through tox free living throughout her salons, Annalisa's introduction of safe, organic haircare soon evolved into a journey of mindfullness, self care, gatherings and ritual that expanded the range over time as well as her passion to hold space. With 26 years industry experience as an award winning hair stylist, salon ownder for the last 16 years, reiki training, yoga expereince and breathwork coaching, Annalisa has spent the last 5 years developing and refining a range of personal care products and ritual tools that are not only effective but that align with her essence around living consciously, purposefully and in integrity with health, mind, body and the earth a priority. Annalisa has poured her many modalities and multifaceted self into each and every product with authenticity, respect, care and love and shares them both in the online space as well as in selected stockists and, in workshops / retreats and her boutique holistic studio on the Sunshine Coast. Our mission is to inspire you to evolve your daily habits into self care rituals while consciously choosing to care with B ^ R E.

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    Engaging with Annalisa is a blissful, nurturing and empowering experience…

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    I absolutely love BARE products! My hair and skin have never felt better.

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    I've had my hair done with her, done hair and cacao ceremonies...always such a beautiful experience, heart opening and soothing.And of course, the BARE products are the best!!!

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Evolving daily habits into self care ritual.

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Full Collection

Explore our full range of personal care products and ritual tools. 

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  • cacao ceremony

    Cacao Ceremony

    Join Annalisa both in person or in virtual cacao ceremonies.

  • Hair Ceremony

    Hair Ceremony

    Our hair is an energetic bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

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    Head to our events page for the latest offerings.

  • Holistic Hair Salon

    Sacred Hair Studio

    B ^ R E sacred space now open on the Sunshine Coast.