Our Story


At B ^ R E Movement your health, hair, skin and the sustainability of the environment are our priority.

The philosophy of B ^ R E Movement is to appeal to the health conscious individual who still values looking and feeling their best.  We understand the importance of self care and wellness and have created a movement in hair & skin care that delivers a product allowing you to enjoy the unique, luxurious salon experience from your own home.

Behind every movement is a B ^ R E Woman, a woman whose mission is to help create awareness around what we put on and in our bodies, the effect this has on not only our health but also the effect it has on the world in which we live.

Annalisa Siefken is the creative force behind B ^ R E Movement, owner/ creative director of B ^ R E hair studio, Qigong and yoga devote, speaker, mum and lover of life. 

Like all great emergence and business birth stories, hers is similar. 

It comes with that moment of sudden awareness, discomfort and loss that lead Annalisa on the path of wellness, detoxifying her home, salons and life along with connecting the dots between self care, mindfulness and clean living. 

A career hair artist for over 25 years and passionate about guiding others to step into their fullest expression through style and connect to their heart through ritual, it was upon trying to conceive that Annalisa realised the effects her trade was having on her body. 
Multiple miscarriages, problematic skin, poor gut health and 5 months bed rest with a complicated pregnancy she knew that going deeper than embarking on dietary changes was essential in order to live a life with ease.

‘After a difficult pregnancy, the birth of Kyius and going through the many health challenges he was faced with, it lead me into a world of curiosity and deep awareness that I’m grateful to have landed upon.  We changed everything about the way we lived and with the help of health professionals, embarked on a beautiful sustainable, conscious way of living. This included dietary change, changing my salon services over to ammonia free colours, and creating B ^ R E Movement, a range of organic, natural personal care products that were salon effective yet affordable for my clients to use and maintain their new looks in the comfort of their own home.’ She says.  

With the birth of BARE Movement became the start of something bigger.  Annalisa felt she had a social responsibility and a desire to help empower others to join the movement and help individuals 'turn their daily habits into self care rituals'.  It has been through her healing journey she discovered many other elements and decided that her products needed to "match the vibration" in which she posses in order to create change.  'So each product is vibrationally charged and created with care and intention to assist in opening, balancing and restoring the chakras, while clearing the mind and caring for the hair, skin and body'. 

‘It’s when we take a moment to reset and recharge that we gain more clarity and focus on all that we do and be.’ 

So with each product in the range, you get an opportunity to trust that they not only offer that salon effect you crave, but they do it with a conscious and encourage you to be still at the same time. 

A note from Annalisa 

"As a space holder, holistic hairdresser and woman committed to the work, I have spent many years in deep experiential practice and embodiment. Constantly dancing through life in resonance, feeling into the pulls and listening to the calls. I have moved through expansion sometimes at great speeds and at other times extremely and painfully slow.

With awareness, surrender and trust in the process I’ve allowed all of the feels to arise with a knowing that through commitment and consistency I have what it takes to shed, unravel, move through and become all that I am, while also creating safe, sacred containers for you to do the same.  Never identifying as one particular role due to the multifaceted nature of my essence, I move much like a pendulum from leader to student, mother to daughter, product developer to healer, women gatherer to silent wanderer, and yet one thing is certain along the way, alignment!

Some days I style hair to no end and others I sit bare foot on the ground with women and commune with sacred plant medicine, calling upon the support from the spirit of cacao, our angels, ancestors and guides, some days I silently observe nature and others I turn up the music and dance. This is the nature of life, to observe, to participate, to surrender, to play and to lean into resonance and flow.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you in your homes and look forward to expanding and continuously evolving both self and B ^ R E movement. 

Welcome to a new world in Natural Products! 
A world that focuses on balance.
A world that focuses on YOU! 

At the heart of B ^ R E movement is authenticity, care, respect and love.  This is why we are so passionate about our products and dedicated to every ingredient.  Our formulas are 95% vegan friendly, cruelty free, ethically sourced, free from parabens, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, dmdm hydanation, dioxane, sls and sles.  We test on humans not animals and are constantly working on more effective ways to be a more positive contribution to the world.


Our Key Focus

Ethical - At B ^ R E movement we pride ourselves in upholding ethical and moral standards from start of production, ingredient sourcing and aligning with the right partners to help us create and deliver each product direct to you. Personal care products are subject to a range of regulatory controls by the ACCC and the NICNAS, all of the ingredients used are approved by these bodies and are safe for consumers, our team and the environment.

Organic - Many of the ingredients sourced and used are 'Australian Certified Organic'.

Eco Friendly - We attempt to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. All of our packaging is sourced from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Selected salons also offer refills of our hair products and selected skincare products.

Cruelty Free - Animal welfare is important to us which is why we choose to be 100% cruelty free.  Approximately 95% of our products are Vegan friendly (except for our B defined styling wax which has a small percentage of beeswax.)
*Our source of beeswax is from fair-trade farms that ethically harvest the wax.

Free From - Our products are free from parabens, triethanolamine, dmdm hydration, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, dioxanesis, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), sodium laureate sulfate (SLES) and palm oil.

With Love - Everything we create at B ^ R E movement is done with authenticity, care, respect and love. From sourcing our organic ingredients, vibrationally charging our crystals, to pouring into the bottles. Our mission is to help turn your daily habits into self care rituals leaving you feeling cleansed, revitalised and amazing after using our Cleanse, Care, Cure,Create or Connect ranges.

Giving Back - Contribution is key as is aligning with the things that connect with your mission, which is why we continue to partner with projects that are hot on our hearts as well as lead and facilitate women's circles.