Benefits of Lemon Water - Natural | Mindful | Beauty

At B ^ R E we understand the importance of the holistic approach as a whole.  That how we do one thing is how we do everything, which is why we like to make it easy for you to lean into self care, mindfulness and conscious living while turning daily habits into self care rituals.  

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M I N D . B O D Y . H A I R

At B ^ R E we believe that it is all connected.   That how we do one thing is how we do all things. That when we care for one part of ourselves, we care for all parts of ourselves.  Which is why we've created a range that cares for all the pieces that make you you.  From hair care that boosts healthy hair growth, - cares for problematic scalps, - nurtures, protects and restores the hair follicle, - protects against heat damage, - purifies and removes unwanted pollutants and toxins to nourishing and supporting creams and lotions for...

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Following passion - Purposeful | Intentional living

No matter where you look, you're bound to see people all around you on the pursuit of finding their purpose and what sets their soul alight.  One thing I've been unpacking is the false story of ease when you find your purpose.   You see when you find your purpose, it doesn't mean you don't work a day in your life.  Nor does it mean you have endless abundance flowing your way.  What it does look like is this......(well at least in my experience.)  Turning up the dial and tuning into a force greater than you that is tapping you...

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Why Vitamin C serum?

Why Vitamin C? 

The main benefit is that it stimulates the production of skin collagen by stimulating fibroblast activity.  (fibroblast is the most common cell that produces collagen, so by stimulating it it increases the amount of collagen produced in the skin. 

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We rise and lift others only when we rise ourselves first.

When we start embracing all of the parts of ourselves, that’s when we embrace others.  When we start to connect to self, that’s when we make real connections.  When we learn to stop and take a breath, that’s when we fully appreciate our natural ability to breathe.  When we turn our daily habits into moments of self care, that’s when the shift takes place.  In order to support, encourage and uplift others, we first need to do this for ourselves.    How do I reach this space I hear you ask?  Here are five simple steps to assist you with connecting...

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