Invest in yourself.

More often than not we are always looking to invest money into property, shares, crypto, business and so on.  We place value on things we've been conditioned to believe will give us a healthy return on investment and in the mean time work countless hours meeting demands, shuffling money around, speaking with financial advisors all while not focusing on the one thing that remains when and if these things both prosper or not.... YOU. 

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SELF REFLECTION - The magic of inner work

This year has been nothing short of wild, unpredictable, heart wrenching and hard, but with everything in life, each has it's opposite and for some of us this experience has seen us find the joy in the pause, beauty in the pain and the expansion of the soul as we've managed to see strength in our vulnerabilities and courage in the eyes of those around us. 

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Smudging rituals

At B ^ R E our mission is to help you turn daily habits into self care rituals, so while we know time is limited for many, we have bundled a blend of our favourite tools including white sage, palo santo and selenite crystal, filled them with Australian botanicals (sourced locally and added for their beauty and medicinal vibrations) bound them with loving intentions and twine to help you lean deeper into your sacred rituals and in turn expand your self care and self love experience. 

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