Why Vitamin C serum?

Why Vitamin C serum?

Before we dive into the benefits of this wonder serum, it's important to understand that facial serums and facial moisturisers are not the same thing, which is why many skincare brands offer both serums and creams. 

Serums are lighter and more water-like than your usual creamy moisturiser and are applied to the skin between cleansing and moisturising. 

The most important aspect about serums is that they have more active ingredients to ensure you have more noticeable results. 

Why Vitamin C? 

The main benefit is that it stimulates the production of skin collagen by stimulating fibroblast activity.  (fibroblast is the most common cell that produces collagen, so by stimulating it it increases the amount of collagen produced in the skin). 

Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the body, is naturally produced and is responsible for keeping your skin plump and youthful. 

In our 20s the amount of collagen in the body starts to diminish and by the time you reach your 70s onwards you are likely to have approximately four times less  collagen, which results in wrinkles and sagging. 

  • Collagen production can also be affected by environmental factors such as pollution, lifestyle choices including diet, sun exposure, stress and more.  But clinical studies have proven that applying Vitamin C serum topically can increase collagen production in both young and aged skin.  So it is never too early nor too late to begin using Vitamin C serums. 

Also renowned as a potent antioxidant, Vitamin C has been shown to protect the skin from UV damage due to prolonged exposure to the sun.  It does this by neutralising free radicals, reducing the formation of free radicals and the spread of sunburn, causing less age spots and sun spots along the way.   With this said, Vitamin C serum has the ability to lighten existing age spots as well as reduces inflammation, redness and protects capillaries.  

This improves overall complexion, brightens your skin and when used consistently (*we recommend both morning and night) and in conjunction with a diet high in fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, you are on the way to achieving effective results. 

  • *While Vitamin C does offer sun protection, it should not be considered an alternative to sunscreen.  We recommend using our B COVERED moisturising sunscreen over the top to give yourself a powerful combination to keep your skin fresh, protected, and youthful for longer.  

B BRIGHT Vitamin C serum is packed with powerhouse ingredients including Kakadu Plum (one of the worlds richest known sources of Vitamin C), and Desert Lime also rich in vitamin C. 

As well as these antioxidant rich ingredients we have teamed them up with Australian Lavender and Organic Lemon essential oil for not only their soothing and physical benefits but for the emotional / mindful aspects, infused with crystal vibrations and reiki, and set with loving intentions. 

*Australian lavender -  supports individuals in releasing tension while claiming the mind

*Lemon oil - the oil of focus, engages the mind and aids in concentration leaving you feeling joyful

  • Hot tip - if you are looking to increase penetration and boost nutrient absorption from any active ingredients in your skincare products, we highly recommend regularly exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells that may be preventing penetration.  Not only will you benefit by getting the most out of your serums, but you will also save product and in turn money.    

Turn daily habits into self care rituals with B ^ R E. 

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