B Committed To Growth & New Ideas.

B Committed To Growth & New Ideas.

Being open and receptive to new ideas is often the difference between living and simply existing. 

It’s when we sit in the space of knowing all we need to know and not allow space for more information or new ideas that we limit our fullest potential. 

At  B ^ R E movement we know how important it is to stay open to new ideas, this allows us to tune in and deliver more quality products to fit each individuals needs.   

With our mission being - to help each and every individual turn their every day habits into self care rituals so you can clear the space in your minds and in your lives for more goodness to flow in. 

What better time than now to face the challenge of change when it is forced upon us. 

It’s through constant growth and expansion that we get to tune into all the parts of life that bring us excitement.   When we follow our highest excitement in life, nothing feels like a chore any longer, our work becomes that which is in alignment to our souls calling and just as Winston Churchill once said ‘To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often’.  

It’s not about perfection but simply imperfectly mastering our awareness and flow so that we can BARE our best selves in all areas in our lives. 

So how do you stay open - Be committed to learning, to growth and new ideas.

Sounds simple, but I know it can prove to be difficult.  Especially if we've never had to exercise our awareness muscle or look into what it is we actually want in life. 

Here are a few simple steps I follow in my life to help me lean into constant growth and expansion without it being a chore. 


  • Set goals.  Before you can stay committed to your goals, you need to first find your passion and purpose, sit in the question of what is it my soul needs me to hear?, what is it that brings me joy?, what can I bring into the world that will have me being of service?.    It's setting small, attainable, bite sized goals each day that allows you to find out what brings you joy and then reach and achieve them, in turn exercising the muscle of growth.   It's important to also understand that you can revisit your goals at any time!  Change is constant, so moving the goal post is totally fine, so long as you are achieving what it is you're setting yourself up to achieve.   Some goals to help you stay open and receptive are to practice gratitude, journal, call in your creative essence, alter your diet, embark on a wellness journey, practice breath work, do things that challenge you.


  • Stay inspired.  It's important to surround yourself with things that are uplifting and inspiring.   It could be in the form of gardening, things in the home you find inspiring such as art, deco etc.  It may also be in books, podcasts, online courses.   What ever form it takes, be sure to mix it up now and again and ask yourself each day what it is that inspires you. 


  • Be accountable to someone.  Irrespective of how disciplined you are, being accountable allows an impartial observer to give you constructive feedback as well as someone to bounce off.   I have always found so much joy in the declaration.   Once you declare your goal or mission to someone you value and trust it becomes concrete. 


  • Commit to trying one new thing each month.  This could take shape in the form of dance, yoga, other exercise or modalities, it could also be learning a new language, reading a book outside your comfort zone, painting, crafting, gardening, cooking etc.   It's important to commit to something new regularly to really dive into understanding what brings us closer to our highest excitement. 


It may even just be that you start taking more time to sit in your sacred self care practices, pour yourself a bath, add in your bath and body oil, sit in silence for a few moments each day.   When you choose to put yourself first, this is when the whispers begin to creep in and you may just find sudden inspiration to keep exploring and growing from there. 


Happy growth period




Annalisa Siefken

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