Candles for the soul

Candles for the soul

Setting the right mood for your daily rituals can often seem like a painful task. 

We've made it easy with four key candles that are carefully crafted with intention, filled with 100% natural eco soy wax, premium cotton wicks and scented with the finest essential and fragrance oils

B ^ R E movement Soy Candles are non-toxic, clean burning, vegan, eco-friendly, renewable, 100% vegetable, pesticide free, burn cooler, burn slower, not tested on animals, do not stain, have a stronger scent throw and are worry free around children and pets.

But most of all… they are beautiful candles that are packed with loving intentions to open, balance and restore the chakras.

With four selected chakra intentional candles, be prepared to see your mood heighten, your mind ascend and your soul re connect as you set time aside for your self care rituals. 

B AWAKENED - intended to open balance and restore the solar plexus while it invigorates and energises your space and mind.  Infused with coconut and lime essence, citrine crystals and botanicals, this candle assists in encouraging self esteem, strong will, creativity, aids digestion and increases personal power.  Shield negative influences and aid in manifestation.

Perfect when used in the work space to unleash creativity, unites family, beautiful in the home to uplift the mood, great to use when preparing for that job interview, night out or dinner party while increasing and encouraging self esteem. 

B EXPRESSIVE intended to open balance and restore the throat chakra while it encourages clear communication.  Infused with french pear and vanilla, aquamarine crystals and botanicals, this candle assists in projection of intentions and desires, inspires truth and a sense of letting go. 

Perfect in all areas of communication, great to effectively respond to emails in the office, around the dinner table or kitchen or anywhere you love this delicate scent throw. 

B CONNECTED - intended to open balance and restore the heart chakra while promoting a loving caring environment.  Infused with rose, black tea and pink pepper, rose quartz crystals, gold and botanicals, this candle assists in promoting self love, love to others and a deeper connection to self. 

Perfect for the bed room, bath room, self care time, when connecting with others.

B PUREintended to open balance and restore the crown chakra while it purifies and detoxifies your space and mind.  Infused with white tea and black pepper, amethyst crystals and botanicals, this candle assists with knowing your true nature, encourages comfort in your fullest reveal and connecting to something greater than yourself.  

Perfect when used in circle, mediation, yoga or when wanting to purify and detox your space and mind. 


So the next time you are looking for the perfect tool to aid in your self care rituals and help balance or amplify the mood, think natural, think eco,           think B ^ R E.  




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