Cleanse your hair, clear the mind

Cleanse your hair, clear the mind

Seeking more clarity in your life? 

We often look externally for clarity, be it through books, health programs, yoga retreats, diet fads and so it goes. 

All of the above are amazing and we highly recommend, but…..

What if all it took was moving moment by moment, for example: wash your hair with an intention, allow the quality essential oils to ride over your entire body and wash away all the mess of the day and connect you to the focus and clarity you need. 

You see when you have clarity you can move into your day with more ease.  It makes work more meaningful, synergy more possible and focus sustainable. You let go of all the thoughts that are purely just taking up valuable space and allow room for more ideas to come through. 

Flow is the state in which we search for, and what better way than to B ^ R E  it all in the shower and let the intention, time,  water and your shampoo do all the work.   

All you need to do, is set the intention to relax and take a little extra time nourishing yourself. 

Cleanse your hair | Clear the mind



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