International Women's Day & Full Moon Vibes

International Women's Day & Full Moon Vibes

Yesterday marked a special day of the year.


A day that marks the movement of women's rights.

A day that holds space as we recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and hold space for ourselves as women, our sisters, our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers. A day we celebrate Mother Nature, Gaia, the mother moon and all her offerings. 

A day we stand in our sovereignty and in our power, harnessing our innate wisdom, voice, creativity and heart and then share that with the world. 

A day we honour the women around the globe who don't have access to the same level of opportunity, liberation and freedom most of us do here in western society and send them love, be their voice and be the stand for change. 

At B ^ R E we celebrate all individuals and particularly women each and every day.

I believe that through awareness, education, and collaboration we can begin to create waves of change.  We can can begin to clear shame, dissolve patriarchal conditioning and dance into our sacred centre. 

This begins first with YOU.   

Self love and self care are essential in activating your innate feminine wisdom, your power and your voice.  Self acknowledgement, self responsibility and self awareness are all important parts of this process.  

These can seem hard to reach when you've been programmed to operate from a masculine system, but not impossible. 

With the full moon upon us tonight, I thought it timely to share a few simple tips to help you create and hold space for yourself, open your heart and lean into radical self love. 



Dancing is a powerful practice to help you get out of your head and into your body. Find some privacy where you can dance as wildly or sensually as you like, or if you feel called, share the space with your sisters. Apply your favourite essential oil infused body oil, (I personally love B A Goddess for this) Put on your favourite song or playlist and start off by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and feeling what it feels like to be in your body, gently sway your hips from side to side and then slowly open them up into large circles. If music could take form, how would it move? Then gently allow your body to express the music as if you are translating into a form of language.


Sitting in ritual can look and feel like many things.  But when we create space  to turn daily habits into self care rituals, we allow ourselves the opportunity to become fully present and in the moment.  Rituals are a beautiful way to find comfort and connection in a time of uncertainty.                                                                    Some rituals we love here at B ^ R E are.....

    • Journalling
    • Intention Setting - we particularly invite you to lean into self love and self care as you wash your hair, your skin, apply your lotions and body oils, light your crystal candles and bring your awareness to the intention of each product, it's ability to deeply cleanse, care, cure, create and connect you to your self. 
    • Gather with like minded women and sit in circles, drum, dance, chant or sip on cacao, these are beautiful ways to feel connected, inspired and valued.
The feminine in all of us craves to feel and see the beauty around us and in us.  Adorning your space with anything that brings a smile to your face helps nurture this craving.  (This could be adding things like flowers, crystals, art, soft fabrics to your space, it could be adding flowy dresses to your wardrobe, it could be creating a space for you to sit and tap into your creative essence. )  This is totally open and free for you to choose the things that bring a sense of beauty and pleasure into your space. 
The divine feminine in all of us is associated with creative energy and life force energy. Similar to the energy of flowing emotions or timelessness, the feminine craves creativity. Our wombs are designed to create life after all.  When we set aside time to lean into creative practices we stimulate our creative imagination which resides in our womb space / pleasure centre and softly activate her.  This could be colouring in, journaling, decorating, crafting, working in the garden close to nature (this also helps us connect to our cycles).  It's a common misconception that creativity is only in the form of art.  
Make time to sit in meditation, guided breath work or yin practices.
Exercise is great for our overall health and wellbeing, but its still in the energy of action which is the masculine.   It’s difficult for the “busy” woman to truly appreciate stillness because she can’t switch off, but the potency in this practice is what connects us to our true selves.   Try sitting in stillness, focusing on breath, one hand on your heart and the other your womb space, or for those willing, you can gently place your hand over your yoni and breath into both the heart and yoni space, eyes closed and imagine a golden yellow, red or orange light gently flowing in the infinity symbol in between both places.  Yin / restorative yoga is also great for this, as is breath work.
To all the women I know, the ones I'm yet to meet, the ones that BE the voice, the ones too frightened to share, the ones creating waves, the ones that hold space, the healers, the artists, the creatives, the sharers and all the in between, you are seen, heard, felt and loved. 
And to my mama bear who held and protected me, birthed and guided me, thank you,
thank you,
thank you. 
Much love and blessings on this powerful full moon and happy International women's day for yesterday! 
Annalisa Siefken
B ^ R E movement 


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