March 2022 Full Moon in Virgo + Upcoming Equinox

March 2022 Full Moon in Virgo + Upcoming Equinox

As we lean into the next few days it can be useful to bring our awareness (without force or too much energy) to the astrological effects taking place.  It's here, in the simple moment of inquiry, we begin working in harmony with the cycles of the Universe rather than against them and begin to find greater ease in everything that we do.

Often it's in the shift in awareness or perspective we allow ourselves the permission to feel into all the crevices we often shy away from, we begin to peel away layers of ourselves that we have used over time for protection and step forward into the newest version of ourselves. 

This Full Moon comes with such attention to detail and intensive focus as she sits in the the influence of the organised and analytical sign of Virgo.  She shines a light on the areas in our lives in which we are holding ourselves back due to not being perfect, structured or ordered enough. 

While organisation can be incredibly beneficial, it can often stifle progress or forward motion as we stay in the pursuit of perfection. 

If you’ve been looking for a sign to let go of something that’s been holding you back, having you feel restricted or stuck in old patterns, then this is it! 

This Full Moon is significant as it is making its presence known as the final Full Moon before a brand new cycle begins; the Astrological New Year 

It comes as no surprise that the sign Virgo is influencing us with its keen eye for detail and intense focus on what is working and what’s not both internally and externally with a broader look into the collective.  You may have noticed over the past few weeks we are seeing a growing desire for truth, for change and for peace as so many systems and constructs continue to fall. 

As well as the Full Moon energy over the coming days we are also experiencing our first day of Autumn / Full Equinox on Monday 21st March 3:33 AEDT.

Equinox prepares you for change in the earths energy as well as offers you a moment of pause, a day where both day and night are of equal length.  With this invitation we can catch up with ourselves once again and stand gracefully in the present moment before leaning in and stretching out into a new season. 

The March Equinox a powerful day for renewal, new beginnings, fresh energy, and a shift in our perspective.  

In ancient times, the Equinox was a time believed to be a point where the veil between worlds was thin. It is said that at this point in the year we could hear the wisdom of our ancestors, nature spirits, and our spirit guides, guiding us forward or showing us what needs to be done.  A time where we gathered and sat in practices that connected us to nature and spirit to hear the calls. 

It is also said that the Equinox is a time where harmony fell on the planet and where we could embody an equal balance of dark and light.  Brining us to the knowing that we can't have one without the other and that duality lives within us.  By honouring and accepting both the shadow and the light within we begin to restore balance and equilibrium both to our inner and outer worlds! 

So, if you’re ready to shake off any ineffective energy from the past few years once and for all, then utilise this virgo essence get out your journals, write out your to do list, stay focused and surrender into this potent lunar energy.

Take time over this Full Moon to reflect, bring closure to and let go of the past so that you can move into the new astrological year in a space of renewal and clarity. All the planets are in forward motion with no retrogrades at this time, so you may notice a desire to propel yourself, your dreams and your projects forward.

So rather than resist the energy that surrounds us, use this time to formulate a plan. Dream big, broaden your horizons and carve out time in your day for quiet contemplation, ritual and meditation.



With each lunar phase comes an opportunity to lean deeper into ritual and practices that bring us into the present moment, soften our hearts and tune out the monkey mind. 

Here is my personal favourite go to ritual when I'm looking to still the mind and connect to my highest self. 

  •  Set the space!

    Ideally, you can be in a private space and dedicate this time to self-care. Create a nourishing space with pillows, candles, and any special items, such as a notebook & pen, oracle cards, incense, crystals, essential oils, herbal medicines, etc. Know that the most important part of your ceremony is your presence. You don’t need any specific items or ritual prep, you simply need to follow your heart’s desires for the space that you want to create!  Perhaps a simple sitting pillow and candle is all you want. Just feel into what your soul needs moment by moment.

  • Clear the space!                                                                                          White Sage or Palo Santo are beautiful tools to help cleanse, purify and clear unwanted energies in your space.  We use only the highest quality, sustainably and ethically sourced products and love having them on our alter for easy access before all ceremony and self care practices. 
  • Set an intention!                                                                                           Have your journal and a pen close by and set and intention for your practice.  It may be to simply be still, to soften and surrender, to breathe in a gentleness that brings you into a state of calm, or perhaps it may be to get clear and plan out the month ahead. 
  • Breathe!                                                                                                        Close down your eyes with one hand on your belly and the other on your heart and take a few moments to breathe.
  • Move your body!                                                                                        Once you feel grounded and connected, the best way to integrate is to move!  It could be gentle yin like yoga postures or a wild, hip shaking dance, whatever you feel is perfect, take a few moments to move, to feel into all the areas in your body and honour the wisdom she carries. 

Keep it light, keep it fun and keep it YOU!   What ever your practice looks like, it's the intention that counts.   

May the new astrological year bring us into balance, may it continue to invite us into deeper connection and may we continue to lean in with reverence and respect to all the teachings that return us home to our hearts, including the great teacher within. 







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