As a hairstylist I have been washing, styling, treating and restoring hair for over 23 years.   

One thing I've noticed is the lack of conscious awareness as we move from one task to another, (especially when moving through our personal grooming routine).

The first thing I like to educate my clients on during a visit to the studio, is that self care is essential in order for us to show up fully throughout the day, no matter what the task at hand.    

Time, or more so lack of time seems to be the main culprit for not caring for oneself.  But the reality is, we all share the same about of time in a day, it's what we choose to do with it that makes all the difference. 

So with that said, how do we harness the pocket sized moments in each day?

For me, a working mum, brand and product developer, yogi in training, wife and full time student of life, I found that it was when I began to move with attention and intention, life began to flow with more ease and less resistance.  Setting my day up from the moment I land my feet on the ground to the food I eat, the priorities I set and ticking off the check lists are some of the ways I find I can lean into self care.  

Turning daily habits into self care rituals is by far the most effective tool I use, and it's as easy as setting an intention. 

What is exactly an intention? - An idea or plan on what you are going to do.  

It was during the product development that I realised it was up to me to create a range of personal care products that were infused with not only the intention to turn up the dial on self care, but with carefully selected ingredients that help support the emotional and physical body as it transitions from sleep to work and work to sleep mode.   (As well as the many other transitions we encounter daily) 

As a reiki facilitator and soon to be certified yoga instructor, I believe it begins at the base, which is why our CLEANSE range (shampoo) is intended to cleanse, balance and restore the base chakra while gently removing unwanted pollutants, toxins and product build up from the hair and infuse it with nurturing ingredients, while the CARE range (conditioner) is intended to balance and restore the sola plexus as it deeply conditions and nourishes the hair.

Think of it as meditation for the hair, without having to book in for that meditation course or class!   

It truly is the simplest things that create big change. 

So the next time you wash your hair, set an intention to stop, recalibrate and cleanse away the messes from the day.

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