New Moon in Aries + Manifestation Rituals

New Moon in Aries + Manifestation Rituals

As we lean into this new moon in Aries, we are called to come home to presence, to the here and the now but with the energy of confidence, greater intuition, courage, leadership and optimism that the Ram carries. 

New moons are an invitation to withdraw the senses, to gather your greatness and rest, to reflect on the last lunar cycle and only carry the things that are true to your heart into this new phase.

Offering a smorgasbord of opportunities to sit with your tools and lean into manifestation practices, to feel into intuitive and higher self journalling as well as deepen your curiosity on the often subtle yet profound impact and shifts taking place deep within you, this is a beautiful time to forge a way forward and create the path to personal and financial freedom. With Aries soaring confidence it is over the coming days and week you can channel your sense of purpose into gentle action creating larger action steps over the coming weeks.  While Aries is known for its courage and wild ambition, this is a great time to dissolve the need for being self made and lean into co creation. 

This particular new moon kickstarts a new monthly lunar cycle being on the 1st of the month, offering a cosmic clean slate.  Gifting us with the energy of radical honesty, we are graced with the presence of Asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer and rainbow bridge, a time to honestly tend to our old wounds with love and affection and ask them to show us a new way forward.  With Chirons energy we get to look at our old stories and wounds with a new level of acceptance and allowance and rather then stuffing them deeper down or casting them away, we are invited to soothe our nervous systems and acknowledge them as a part of our whole, we create space in our essence for them to sit as our teacher and guide as we turn old pains into powerful portals that create healing and wisdom.  

Jupiter (the ruler of prosperity and good fortune) and Neptune (the ruler of spirituality and intuition) are conjunct at this time, this could be the beginning of a new cycle in philosophical and spiritual growth for humanity, a collective awakening as such, this may call us to analyse and adjust our motivations, ethics, morals, and laws or even seek out a different path, spiritual enlightenment or feel we are being called to make the world a better place and fulfil our dharma / purpose.  A great time to make those changes you've been wanting to make that lead to a more fulfilling life. 

Like all things, there is polarity in everything.   Where we are gifted opportunities to expand, enhance and transform, there is the possibility of taking to the ineffective aspect which could lead to blame, addictions and denial as well as get lost in looking at the world through rose coloured glasses rather than grounded in reality.  The key is to lean in with curiosity, to look into these phases as an opportunity to arm yourself with awareness that has the potential to lead you into the life you were born to live.  When we move into each day with more information we then get to choose how we wish to show up and respond to this gift that is life. 

New Moon Manifestation Ritual 

The ritual is simple yet effective. 

  • Create sacred space and set aside 20 - 30 minutes distraction free so you can communicate with your inner wisdom. 
  • I like to perform my lunar rituals in the evening to harness the full energy of the moon. 
  • Smudge your space with sage to clear and then light your palo santo stick for manifesting. 
  • Light your candle (I love the B ENLIGHTENED | Frankincense + Myrrh for the new moon ritual with the new moon sitting in the fire sign of Aries, this is a great time to work with the element of fire.  Candle gazing - Trataka (a yogic purification and tantric method of meditation) is a powerful way to harness the energy of fire, enhance cognitive function, mental health and spiritual connectedness. Trataka is also known to purify the eyes and strengthen the eye muscles by exercising them to focus on a point. 
  • This practice can be done for up to 10 minutes, during this time remain steady with your breath and clear your mind.  Once you've completed this practice, close your eyes for 5 minutes and then journal intuitively while also weaving in that in which you wish to cultivate and manifest. 

Self nourishment and self care begins when we carve space and time to be still, to be with our breath and our hearts and tend to the parts of ourselves that we forget along the way. 

Ultimately this new moon in Aries invites us all to tune into our intuition, to retreat within and listen to our inner voice. 


With love 


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