Hair + Scalp Facial

Hair + Scalp Facial

Research has shown that there's a lot of pent-up tension stored in the muscles of our scalps and heads and that a simple and light massage on that area can trigger a reaction in which endorphins get released and our bodies instantly feel good. 

Cross culturally, the hair symbolises so much.  We see it all over the world with individuals weaving in ritual through blessings with water over the crown, holding babies over sacred spaces as we chant and pour holy water over their heads in baptism, women and men braiding their hair in ceremony and more. Whether it’s the Native Americans wearing their hair long and braided to ground them back into Mother Earth, or not cutting your hair in Kundalini so that you have a longer antennae and connector to spirit, or in the way it’s cut in some Tibetan and Hindu rituals as a sacrifice, there is no denying that our hair holds so much power.  

We are seeing this now more than ever before as we witness the revolution and uprising lead by the young women in Iran after the deaths in custody of women including Mahsa Amini for showing their hair. 

It is said our hair is the receiver of infinite downloads and wisdoms that transports these messages through the crown and into our internal systems. 

A time capsule, the wisdom carrier, the holder of each experience, hormonal flux, transition and transformation that takes place both internally and externally.

How we tend to our hair and our crown determines what we believe is available to us, how connected we are and how we show up for ourselves.  

As a holistic hairstylist I take great responsibility in guiding you home to yourself, to your innate wisdom and help restore and cleanse your crown and heart space, to remind you of the beauty and magic you hold, to allow access to the divine wisdom that is already stored within.

Once we connect to this power the more embodied we become, and seeing individuals embrace their divinity and knowing is by far the most beautiful part of the process.

As someone with a curious mind and devotion to growth and my work, I have spent years tending to the crowns of individuals with an intention to hold space, hold up the mirror of love and attention with a commitment and intention to have each person leave better then when I found them. 

It was when I came across *access bars many years ago that I began to truly understand just how important it is as a hairstylist to weave that knowledge into each session as well as educate our clients on the importance of scalp attention and care. 

*{Access Bars are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that stop you from creating a life you love.  It is used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, wellness practitioners, schools, businesses, mental health professionals, athletes, prisons, veterans, artists, and many more} -

We all wash our hair and tend to our scalps regularly but often without attention and intention.  I believe it's important to bring the awareness and attention to the scalp / our crown, the space in which we receive infinite downloads and wisdoms,  the space that connects us to our higher self, source, the space that feeds our hair which becomes the energetic bridge from our physical body to the spiritual.

With that said and coming back to the research that shows us that there is much stored in the muscles in our scalp, it's also important to note that how we do one thing, is how we do ALL things, how we tend to our body, our gut, our mind, how we prepare and do things we too tend to our scalp and our hair.  Weaving intention and ritual into our daily practices is the best and most effective way to bring balance and ease into our lives. 

Here are a few simple ways to perform a scalp ritual in the comfort of your own home.  Or if you are looking for someone to guide you through this ritual you can book in with Annalisa at BARE Sacred Hair on the Sunshine Coast for the ultimate hair and scalp ceremony. 

scalp and hair facial

Step 1. 

Pre Treat the scalp - Drop into self, set an intention dispense half of the loaded dropper onto the palm of your hand and begin to rub your palms together. Inhale deeply the pleasant scent of the blend of essential oils, allowing it to activate your senses, clear the mind and bring you back to center.  Apply to the scalp and massage.   (our latest range of hair and scalp oils are landing soon, sign up to our newsletter for the latest product drops and more)

Step 2. 

Take some time to really massage it in, about three to five minutes, moving your fingers from the nape of the neck all the way to the head and up to the crown. This massage should soften skin cells, exfoliate, remove debris, and encourage blood flow and hair growth as well as activate and open the crown chakra. 

Step 3. 

Rinse and apply shampoo based on your scalp's needs, better if it's sulfate-free and also paraben and phthalate-free. (our entire range is free from nasties, high vibrational and Australian made and owned)  Apply the shampoo directly to the scalp to allow the cleansing agents to do their job and remember to avoid washing your hair more than two to three times per week so as not to strip the natural nourishing oils found in your scalp.

Step 4. 

Rinse and wring out excess moisture from the hair before applying conditioner to the mids and ends.  Once applied, comb through using a wide tooth comb or for ultimate results a crystal comb, merging each stroke from crown to ends with your breath.  Leave for 3 minutes and then rinse.

Step 5. 

Towel dry and then finish with a few small drops of scalp oil before you apply your styling serums / creams. 

Bring your awareness to a final and deep full inhalation followed by a smooth and long exhalation,  draw your hands together at the heart space and bow gently as though to cast your inner gaze over the heart in deep reverence to the ritual, the practice and to your higher self. 

For deeper activations weave this ritual into your self care and moon phase practices.   New moon is a great time to set intentions for growth, while full moon rituals are great for releasing stored tension and stress. 

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