Self love first, so you can love them too.

Self love first, so you can love them too.

Because when you love yourself, you get to love others and all things bigger than you. 

As I looked into his eyes tonight while he was trying to replicate my tooth brushing motions, a huge wave of love and gratitude just poured out of me right then and there.  

His big eyes and little mouth open wide with so much curiosity and deep thought as he was going through the process. 

The pause button got hit, time stood still, and as I witnessed this little person watching my every move, trying to impress me (yet again for the upteenth time today)  I realised just how much of an effect we have on our children in ALL that we do.  

Just like that every little detail in those eyes pierced right into my heart and soul and reminded me of why I continue to create, evolve, learn and stand up for what I believe in.   

He is my why, my reason, the entire pulse to my brand, and the fire in my soul. Thanks to this star seed and the fact that he is continuously challenging me to bring my best self forward, I get to sink into deep awareness and truly glide into a life of consciousness, authenticity and constant evolution.   

Just like that he cemented the vision I have of creating a movement that empowers others to move into a more conscious lifestyle with ease, to hold space for those still not sure on how to start and continue to create more organic personal care products that enable us to turn daily habits into self care rituals.   

Because when we start to love ourselves more, that’s when we become more compassionate beings and start standing up for what we stand on.  That’s when we get to collaborate, inspire and be inspired as a collective and truly make a difference on the planet. 




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