SELF REFLECTION - The magic of inner work

SELF REFLECTION - The magic of inner work

It's been some time since my last blog and like all of you we have all been navigating our way through 2020 in only the best way we know how..... for me it's been to lean IN, grasp tight the tools I've acquired over time and soften into allowing them to assist and guide me through each experience. 

This year has been nothing short of wild, unpredictable, heart wrenching and hard, but with everything in life, each has it's opposite and for some of us this experience has seen us find the joy in the pause, beauty in the pain and the expansion of the soul as we've managed to see strength in our vulnerabilities and courage in the eyes of those around us. 

The past month has been particularly soulful for me as I've been nurturing my self through loss and heartbreak.   My beautiful friend Jody asked me to help walk her home as she battled cancer with the most courageous and defiant heart and after months of being by her side, showing up and bringing love and light each time, she transitioned by her husbands side, leaving me with smiles and so many lessons I'm yet to uncover.

As I reflect on the year thus far, I see how many of us have been bought to our knees, had our hearts torn from the chest and for me been blessed to witness and personally experience the beauty in surrender.  

All I can say is that when we too lean into softness and let go of the resistance to feeling all the feels, there is a magic that far outweighs that in a fairy tale.  It doesn't have a happy ending where everything is perfect.  No that isn't what life is about.  BUT the beauty is in the imperfections, accepting all the parts of the self, staying kind through each process and allowing others IN as we sink down to the muddy depths of the self. 

Self reflection is tough, doing the work is even tougher, but as I've taken these past few days to fully process and reflect, I've been blessed to find the magic and wisdom that's been left behind. 

My beautiful friend has taught me so much and for that I am beyond grateful for the soul connection and experience we embarked on together.   The strength she saw in me was the reflection of her own strength, and this in itself had me realise the incredible truth in resonance, magnetism and how we truly reflect the qualities in others that exist within ourselves, (the good and the bad). 

As I summarise these past few months, I can not help but smile and stress the sheer magic that is allowing yourself to sink into self reflection, self care and shadow work (now that's for another blog post altogether) because the magic that follows is worth trudging through the mud for. 

Self care along the way is essential.  If you are struggling with all that has been thrown at you this year, don't hesitate to reach out to the many organisations that are there to listen and offer support. (I've listed a few below) 

Some other ways to support yourself as you do the inner work is to

-journal, meditate (insight is a great app I love to use)

-connect to nature - ground your feet on the earth, sit by the beach.

-sit in your rituals - clear your space, sage, light a candle, set an intention, breathe.

-take moments in your day to nourish the body with clean, conscious products,

-eat clean, nourishing foods.  

-gather with like minded individuals - attend a community circle, cacao ceremony or full moon circle.  (I will be holding a beautiful cacao ceremony tomorrow evening with one of my soul sisters Kylie at Wild Heart Yoga - Sacred Medicine For The Heart - these events are incredible heart opening and connecting experiences, so if you feel called and aren't in Cairns and surrounds, I invite you to look into these in your local area if it resonates)

I also love a good podcast and or book also to help sooth my curiosities and ease my inquiry. 

If you are needing extra support click the links below 

Beyond Blue

Life Line Australia


Annalisa Siefken 

Creative founder 

B ^ R E movement




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