Skin Absorption - know your ingredients

Skin Absorption - know your ingredients


You’ve heard the saying,  “You are what you eat”, well lets amplify this and suggest that “you are what you put on your body”?  

So if these sayings are true, what are you? 

Many studies have proven that toxic chemical absorption, (‘substances that effect your overall health’) don’t just travel through our gut in order to have an ineffective impact, they are very quickly and easily absorbed through our skin.

With this said, it is safe to say that not ALL things absorb through the skin and not all chemical components either, however what tends to go overlooked isn’t the amount we use daily, it’s how often we use these ingredients in a lifetime and the potential risks they incur.

No matter who you are, it is likely that you use some form of personal care products daily.  From the moment you roll out of bed, the routine begins: you brush your teeth with toothpaste; cleanse your skin with soap or shower gel; wash your face with face wash; cleanse your hair & scalp with shampoo and conditioner; use shaving cream and aftershave; apply body lotion, deodorant, perfume or cologne, sunscreen; and for those who love it, you can add makeup into the mix.  Just in that, before we even leave the house we’ve used over 10 - 15 products that contain harmful ingredients, then we go off to school or work and wash our hands constantly with soap, reapply sunscreen every few hours and the routine continues. 

It is easy to see that what we use on our skin ends up inside our bodies. So it is important to pay close attention to the ingredients in our skin and hair care products. If the products you use contain harmful ingredients such as harsh, toxic chemicals, colors, and fragrances, those ingredients make their way into your body, your blood and lymphatic system. The majority of mainstream body care products contain a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals, allergens, and irritants.

In order to eliminate a lot of toxic chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances that are harmful to our bodies, here are just a few simple things we can do,

  • choose certified organic and natural skin and hair care products. 
  • read labels and become educated about what ingredients to avoid when selecting body care products.  A few examples of common ingredients to steer clear of are:  parabens - triethanolamine - dmdm hydanation - propylene glycol- ​petrochemicals - dioxanesls - sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) - sodium laureth sulfate (SLES))
  • remain curious about the ingredients you are putting both on and in your body.  Read the labels on your food and consider a cleaner more plant based diet. 

By selecting more organic and natural products for yourself and your family, you are taking a big step toward a healthier lifestyle.   At B ^ R E movement we pride ourselves in upholding good ethical and moral standards.  Our products contain none of the above featured ingredients, are 95% vegan friendly (except one of our mens grooming products which contain small amounts of bees wax. *Our bees wax is sourced from fair trade farms that ethically harvest the wax.)   Many of the ingredients we use are ‘Australian Certified Organic’ all our bottles are recyclable and are proudly Australian made. 

So the next time you brush your teeth, wash your face or hair, apply aftershave, perfume or lotion, think about the cocktail of ingredients in those products and start thinking of how you can make a difference.

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