We made it! 

What a journey. 

The past 2 years have seen both the brand and myself go through deep transition, upgrades and shifts.  

As a mamma bare (see what I just did there), salon director, product developer and self care enthusiast, I adore change.  I believe it is the one constant and when we learn to surrender, let go of expectations and attachments, we learn to lean into life with an open heart and allow in flow.

With expansion comes a shedding of the old skin and an emergence of the new, so it goes without saying that our latest creations match the frequency in which I hold and encompass the harmony and synergy where nature meets beauty and where beauty meets mindfulness.  

My journey has lead me to realise that we often wait too long to truly step into self care, I have seen this with the many clients I have had the pleasure of working with in the hair and beauty industry for the past 22 years, along with the countless individuals I've worked along side in the personal / professional development space.  It is here I saw a gap that I felt so desperately needed to be filled and decided I had a responsibility to guide others into turning daily habits into self care rituals. 

When we begin to consciously choose better, discover the effects our choices have on our body, the environment and our mind, this is when alchemy takes place and weaves us into this incredible web of curiosity and intentional living. 

It is through my love of yoga / Qi gong / reiki and other mind / body connecting modalities, I decided to recreate and reformulate the range so that it matched my intentions and not only offered salon effective results, but also assisted in opening, cleansing and restoring the chakras along the way.   (This is done through the carefully selected ingredients, essential oils, crystals and intentions that are put into each individual product.)  

Magic happens when we utilise the moments in each day and use them as an opportunity to lean into self care.  It's when we remove the old belief that in order to re connect we must have time and be far removed from our daily lives, we begin to harness the pocket sized moments we have and turn what we considered mindless necessary grooming habits into intentional self care rituals.  

Thank you for 'baring' with us as I turned up the dial and tuned into what was required in order to bring you the latest evolution of B ^ R E movement. 


- Annalisa Siefken



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