Cacao ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America, used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance.  Pure ceremonial cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing.  When used in a sacred medicinal ritual, intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body. 

These ceremonies are a beautiful invitation to drop into full presence, activate and expand the heart space, deepen your connection to both your inner and your outer worlds. 


Cacao ceremonies are a type of shamanic healing – which is one of the oldest holistic healing practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. These types of healing ceremonies work with rebalancing energies in the body to regain health and vitality.  However, unlike other shamanic experiences, drinking cacao will not make you hallucinate or give you some sort of ‘out-of-body’ experience.  Instead, cacao is used to gently touch your heart and to guide you into an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our heart. 


When we sit in sacred ceremony with this plant medicine, together we create a potent practice that has you dial in rich in intention, gratitude and creativity. 

Each ceremony an invitation to gather, tune in, surrender and step into a life lead from the heart. 

Leaning into and recalibrating back into this space not only helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, it also allows you to open yourself up to that which is similar in us all rather that what is different. 

Annalisa has been working with ceremonial cacao for the past 6 years both here in Australia and overseas, including Bali, Sedona and New Zealand.  As she continues to train with shamans from South America it is with great reverence to the plant, the people and the traditions passed down that she loves sharing this plant wisdom in both individual and group settings. 

From deep meditative and sound healing sessions to gentle movement and ecstatic dance, Annalisa is known as a gentle space holder that creates containers for individuals to explore their fullest expression and potential. 

Like all things we suggest you lean into resonance with ceremonial cacao.  Ceremonial doses are quite high for some, so if you have any concerns or are on any medications pls see the cacao safety and cacao contraindications sheet provided by seleno health here. 



Saturday 3rd September 10am - 12pm 


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 What to expect 

Organic, Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao prepared with love and intention


Intention setting


A gathering of like minded women





12:30pm - 3:00pm

early bird $110

tickets after early bird $125

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For one on one sessions please choose from the following times and email Annalisa at

Virtual cacao ceremonies go for 1hr and require 15 - 20 mins of preparation prior to our live session.  Investment is $35 for group session or $55 for one on one session.

They include a comprehensive guide on setting up your space, alter preparation, introduction into ceremonial cacao as we pay homage and respect to the Mayan's and their ancient practices and riutals,  guided cacao ceremony, intention setting,  pranayama breath work, intuitive guided movement, and meditation practices. 

Available times for both individual and group sessions

Monday mornings 9:30am & 11:30am

Fridays 12:30pm 

Pls email Annalisa at to arrange alternate times. 

Personalised group sessions available. 


Join Annalisa in a guided virtual circle as we gather with like minded individuals, sip on organic ceremonial cacao to open our hearts, restore balance within and infuse ancient traditions into our modern lives. Paying homage and respect to the Mayan's their healing rituals, traditions and plant medicine as you are guided into discovering your essence and tap into the wisdom that you be. 

The intention of these sessions are to merge the wisdom from our greatest teachers and guides from the past into our modern lives along with self care practices and rituals so that we can restore our hearts, soothe our nervous systems and come home to the divine intelligence stored within.  Everything shared in these sessions are tools and modalities passed down through committed certified learnings and trainings over many years and are done respectfully and mindfully with the good of all a priority.  


Text 0404064471 or email Annalisa at to book your space. 

These group sessions are intimate sessions and limited to 6 women and are an investment of $55 per person.


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