O U R - K E Y - F O C U S

At the heart of B ^ R E movement is authenticity, care, respect and love.  

This is why we are so passionate about our products and dedicated to every ingredient.  

Our formulas are 95% vegan friendly, cruelty free, ethically sourced, free from parabens, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, dmdm hydanation, dioxane, sls and sles. 

We test on humans NOT animals and are constantly working on more effective ways to be and bring a more positive contribution to the world.


Ethical - At B ^ R E movement we pride ourselves in upholding ethical and moral standards from start of production, ingredient sourcing and aligning with the right partners to help us create and deliver each product direct to you. Personal care products are subject to a range of regulatory controls by the ACCC and the NICNAS, all of the ingredients used are approved by these bodies and are safe for consumers, our team and the environment.

Organic - Many of the ingredients sourced and used are 'Australian Certified Organic'.

Eco Friendly - We attempt to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. All of our packaging is sourced from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Selected salons also offer refills of our hair products and selected skincare products.

Cruelty Free - Animal welfare is important to us which is why we choose to be 100% cruelty free.  Approximately 95% of our products are Vegan friendly (except for our B defined styling wax which has a small percentage of beeswax.)
*Our source of beeswax is from fair-trade farms that ethically harvest the wax.

Free From - Our products are free from parabens, triethanolamine, dmdm hydration, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, dioxanesis, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), sodium laureate sulfate (SLES) and palm oil.

With Love - Everything we create at B ^ R E movement is done with authenticity, care, respect and love. From sourcing our organic ingredients, vibrationally charging our crystals and infusing this energy into our products, to pouring into the bottles. Our mission is to help turn your daily habits into self care rituals leaving you feeling cleansed, revitalised and amazing after using our Cleanse, Care, Cure, Create or Connect ranges.

Giving Back - Contribution is key as is aligning with the things that connect with your mission, which is why we have partnered with B1G1 and developed a way that we can give back to those in need. Click the link here to see how by joining the BARE movement, you too are a part of our giving movement. 

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