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Crystal Candle - B EXPRESSIVE - Sea Salt + Driftwood

Crystal Candle - B EXPRESSIVE - Sea Salt + Driftwood

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B EXPRESSIVE candle is intended to have you relax, open, balance and restore the throat chakra.  A great ritual tool for leaning into the intuitive feminine energy, rediscovering your voice and fullest expression.

Ignite your rituals and indulge your senses with our natural creamy eco soy wax,  premium cotton wick, dreamy frosted glass, infused with high vibrational fragrance and essential oils and adorned with crystals.

Each candle lovingly hand poured in Noosa with Australian sourced ingredients

Sea Salt + Driftwood - 
Be transported to the Mediterranean and take in fresh lemon and ocean breeze, combined with lavender, cyclamen & driftwood.
with notes of 
 Lemon (focus energised, alert, joyful)
Ocean Breeze, Lavender (communication, calm, expressive, self aware,)
Driftwood, Cyclamen (Cyclamen symbolises the empathetic, devoted heart)
Eucalyptus (wellness, liberated, responsible)
Blue Kyanite - opens the throat chakra encouraging communication and self expression, a powerful stone to establish a deep meditative state and attunement 
Moonstone - balancing, enhances intuition, a stone of inner growth and strength, known as the travelers stone
Hand poured 100% eco soy wax candle | small batch | family owned | hand labelled and packaged                                                             
*Please note: each candle has been lovingly handcrafted, no two crystal placements, colours or sizes will be the same.                 
*Caution: allow candles to cool prior to handling crystals.  We recommend washing with warm soapy water to remove wax and then either smudge with sage or place under the full moon to charge.
Burn time up to 40 hours 


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