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100% Pure Organic Cacao - 250g

100% Pure Organic Cacao - 250g

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100% pure organic, raw criollo single-origin, Peruvian ceremonial cacao drops ready for use.

  • Raw organic cacao paste drops from the jungles of Peru
  • Rich and creamy texture – perfect for baking or raw foods
  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Beautiful fragrant aroma
  • Sourced directly from the farm in Peru

This cacao is perfect for all cacao rituals, can be used daily as a healthy alternative to coffee or in deep ceremonial rituals.   Great when paired with journalling, breath work or movement practices. 

 'Every batch is tested and shown to be safe from heavy metals and cadmium. We go beyond fair trade and work exclusively with a family farm that uses sustainable natural agroforestry practices. Our cacao is artisanally grown, fermented and dried (<50 deg), while maintaining neutral acidity to provide the best aroma and taste.' - Seleno health

Connect with our cacao and let it open your heart and heal your body.

Suggested use: Add 6-8 drops (25-30g) to hot water or hot plant-based milk with or without spices (examples - cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cayenne) and sweetener (coconut sugar, raw sugar, honey) and blend or whisk until creamy. 

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