S E L F  C ^ R E

A buzzword that’s at the forefront of most conversations in all spaces these days.  From corporate office spaces, to small business and staff, to stay at home mums and dads and to the everyday individual that’s just trying to keep all balls in the air while wearing many hats in one day.  I love that it’s become a buzzword, in fact it’s my favourite word and the intention behind the brand here at B ^ R E movement, however I don’t feel the action has followed the intention as much as you would have hoped.   Which is why I felt it...

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B PURE with Black Pepper and B ^ R E

Known as the oil of unmasking - we’ve utilised the power of black pepper oil in our entire B  P U R E range. Black pepper is one of the most widely used spices on the planet. Valued not only as a flavoring agent in our meals, but also for a variety of other purposes, including medicinal uses, as a preservative in perfumery and now cosmetics. In recent decades, research has explored the many benefits of black pepper essential oil and its active principle, piperine, which has the ability to enhance the digestive system and protect us against oxidative stress and damage, rich in...

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Skin Absorption - know your ingredients

SKIN ABSORPTIONKNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS - PROTECT YOUR HEALTH You’ve heard the saying,  “You are what you eat”, well lets amplify this and suggest that “you are what you put on your body”?   So if these sayings are true, what are you?  Many studies have proven that toxic chemical absorption, (‘substances that effect your overall health’) don’t just travel through our gut in order to have an ineffective impact, they are very quickly and easily absorbed through our skin. With this said, it is safe to say that not ALL things absorb through the skin and not all chemical components...

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